Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

Finally, we're in the midst of Spring:

1. Men in the North European countries are always lyrical about the days when the temperatures are rising, because....girls and women start to wear their skirts and floaty dresses.
Buuuut, the men are becoming more fashionable too, and finally there are some juicy and well-toned arms on the display.

Yes, It's raining men! (and hopefully, they have some...quality...)

(oh, and I like the Lush shower gel too)

 By the way, do you know Rihanna's interpretation of Raining Men? Me likey:

Yeh, plenty of fish in the sea for the ladies as well....

2. Wearing sunnies that are age-inappropriate.
A Primark find that I bought at the adult department, but it looks like I picked it from the children section (I DIDN'T).
Fashion is having a bright, coloured and a bit of childishly fun moment and what way to protect your eyes with such a fun accessory!

3. Actually having a favourite blush!
I'm surprised, but I seem to be reaching for Becca's Princess a lot lately! It is such a fantastic combination product of highlighter and burned rose blush. Supernatural and healthy...

So, what was your week about?

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