Thursday, 21 April 2011

Something new...

I am going to try out some new potions...

Lotree Argan Therapy Facial Oil:

I actually tried this one out for a couple of times, and have been really surprised that the oil is really of a light and feathery quality.

What is also a real plus is that it is a good as scentless. I like scents, but I am familiar with the original scent of Argan oil. Argan oil, as the connoisseurs might know, is rather punguent. I mean, it works like a charm and I love putting it in my hair for a deep conditioning treatment. But I really want to wash it out after a while 'cause of the scent.

(huh, I was not planning giving a review, so I stop my semi-review for now. But I will keep you updated of how it works)

Orofluide Shampoo:

Gosh, this smells sooo delightful like warm and expensive perfume with a vanilla accord. Cannot wait to see how it works when I use this more often.

The Moooooody Cow:

I received this body lotion as a freebie with one of my favourite UK magazines: Marie Claire!

It contains 100 ml. so it's a rather large size for a freebie. The smell is that herbal mix with that delightful Rose Geranium essential oil that I adore.

This is a perfect additive in my body-lotion wardrobe, so I can alternate this one with some of my Haus of Gloi potions.

So yeh, another try-out...I wonder if it is as balancing as it claims to be. I love the scent, though...

And, dear readers, do you have anything new that you are going to try out? 
Or do you prefer to stick with the good and trusted that you still have...

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Fruity Lashes said...

moody cow haha sounds so funny! 100ml freebie is awesome!