Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

Last 7 days were a mix of necessary tasks, and delightful relaxation:

1. I finally booked another session of floating in order to leave behind that bit of stress.

I received a fantastic discount by Groupon, that made the float-session really affordable, so I literary took the plunge (well, not so much plungeing because you keep on floating on the water) and had that 60 minutes of Dead Sea experience in a similarly claustrophobic capsule as the one in the picture. Ps: that is not me on the is just a promo picture :D

2. I experienced the first, semi-summery day, and that reminded me of last summer.

I made that picture last summer in a skate-park in Rotterdam. Oh, I cross-processed it as well for a quirky effect, but the original is so stunning indeed, with the bright blue sky and the contrast with the ramp.
I have no children, but I always imagined my children to be like that boy resting: a full head of dark curls and a combination of being into fun and adventurous sports (like skating on ramps) and having a certain kind of relaxed attitude.

So, have you experienced anything quirky the last couple of days?

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coffretgorge said...

whats "floating" babe? why dont you just go to a pool and FLOAT all day? :P