Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hair on Air...or Sleeked-out Locks on the Rocks

Although I am really low-maintainance on the field of hair-styling, I am frequently looking out for products that can give my hair some incredible volume, some sleek perfection, or just that bit of gloss.

Or, actually all three of them would do: the incredibly, big-haired but still sleek and toucheable hairdo with a shine that blinds everyone.

Yeh, reality sucks, or it actually bites in my case! So I have to tone down my hair-perfectionist and either settle for one of the three, or sometimes two if I am lucky.

Asian haircare, hurray! I have quite a limp head of hair on my head. Most Caucasians have that bit of wave that they can activate by
  1. going to the sea and take a dive
  2. faking to have been going to the sea with hair products
  3. waking up with a beadhead
  4. waking up near the sea after a midnight dive with a bedhead...(that one will probably give out the most of curls and volume, LOL)
Not is really straight. Not that that makes my hair similar to most types of Asian hair, but the similarity is a bit in the straight texture.

Taking a look into various brands that market for Asian hairtypes have had a bit of success, and a bit of failure as well (or a bit of meh...'does not do anything much')

So, what have I tried?

First, one of my most succesful ventures have been into Liese. I really like their Tidy Straight serum.

Because although I do not wake up with curly, wavy or kinky hair, it still can have a bit of a strange kink into it.

I love this serum for making my hair smooth, sleek, glossy and comb-able.

It does not make your unstraight hair instantly straight: You need some heating tools to accomplish that. But it does the things I mentioned above.

I purchased this over here but it is OOS again.

My second favourite Liese is their Wave-Up Foam in no. 03.

No. 3 is their strongest type. It runs up from no. 1 to 3.

I really enjoy this mousse, as it keeps hair absolutely soft and shiny (no 80's crunchy-perm-do), is softly but wonderfully scented like an expensive floral soap, and keeps that highly maintainance-created curl for quite a while

Well, because I like my straight do, but sometimes I like to fake that I am a natural curly woman...

(Yes, it is another sasa purchase)

I must sound like the biggest Liese fan...ehm, no...I am critical as well:

Let me introduce my 3rd Liese: The Juicy Shower Spray:

It might be Juicy and functional for a lot of bloggers, but besides of a wonderfully fruity-floral scent, it does not do that much in my hair.

(Another purchase from my drug-store

From Taiwanese brand Shill's I bought their Magical Hair Volumizer:

Huh? Does this even do anything? Well, NO MAGICAL effect over volume at all.

(bought this one on as well)

Talking about volume: let me include a Western, more precisely a British brand over here: The TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Hair Spray
Let me say this: the Queen would be very dissapointed! Even a less spoiled mortal such as I am am not impressed. No volume, no hairspray-hold. Let me return to my trusty L'Oreal Elnett.

So, I apologise for the shortness of my reviews...he he. I am sure that you can find a lenghtier description of the products in great masse with the other bloggers.

But sometimes, short is good, especially when summarizing a heap of products, :D.

Oh, and if you have a fantastic recommendation on hairstyling...I love to read about that. Or, tell me about your routine when styling that bunch of hair on your scalp...


masayaako said...

i also have the liese tidy straight designing jelly.I don't like the smell and doesn't do anything for my hair.i have a slight wavy thick hair.i really don't like the smell of this product

Mun said...

Can I know how to apply the designing jelly 1?izzit apply before the hair dry or apply after the hair dry?and can I know when applly it,need to blow the hair ?