Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

Well, what is up for this week's quirkologies?

1. Uncommon Love on the streets
I have to admit that I find enamorated species (often  humans) to be incredibly endearing. But you do not often see a mini pig on the street. Actually, I have never seen such a cuddly pig in real life. And when you see it getting close to such a wonderfully cute bulldog, it just make you turn around twice, get your camera, make a picture....Oh, and makes your heart melt a bit too, because friendliness can cross species and that is a hopeful lesson for the humans as well ;D when looking for a other human partner.

2. Liking Alexandra Zsigmond drawings...
I had to laugh out loud when seeing this nanny letting out the toddlers on leashes. They do exist, for children! Actually, I was one of those children who needed one (but only at the airport otherwise my mum would loose me in my curiosity). Actually, not so much changed after all these years, ha ha, I can still get distracted and lost easily when seeing something that tickles my curiosity.

3. Looking if those Gorgeous coloured shoes are still available
For example, these gorgeous shoes can make me go to the shop-window with an open mouth and I just stare for a minute. Actually, this week there were not in the shop window, but they were probably in the shop. I already restrained myself a lot when I did not buy these when I saw them a couple of weeks ago. I sTiLl WaNt ThEm...

4. Playing around with a new Iphone app for editing pictures
This one is Lo-Fi and I got the recommendation from This was my first pic with this app. Oh, you have to check out worshipblues for a frequent fix of gorgeous photography, she and her husband are such experts in making highly interesting pictures, and a dose of beauty, and everything that makes life tick.

So, have you encountered anything noteworthy this week?


Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

mmm... I got addicted to eyeliner gel this week xD~

Cayla said...

I found out I get my braces off April 12!! If that counts :)