Friday, 4 March 2011

New, succesful discovery: My beauty Diary Blooming of beauty Orange Blossom Sheet Mask

A couple of days ago I blogged about my experiences with the Love More Brazilian sheet masks. It was not really successful, and that is a euphemism. It made me a blotchy mess and I was not even flawless to begin with.

You win some, you loose some when you try out new things. You can stick to the old and trustful, but I am a beauty blogger so I like to try out things that can make me prettier or more radiant. Sometimes you find out that something that works perfectly for another can be a total fiasco for you.

Fortunately, I received a set of sheet masks that have been able to limit the damage in my face, and have that bit of quality.

It was by eki (little bit of Eki) that I stumbled upon a new set of My Beauty Diary masks. I was not a fan of these masks, until old cow from WorshipofBlues mentioned that the Vienna Black Tulip masks seemed to work for her. I ordered them as well, and they are brilliant. So yeh, that rekindled my interest in MyBeautyDiary masks.

Eki blogged about the cute My Little Kitty editions that are coming out soon. I haven't found them on internet yet, but she blogged about the two latest editions of the MyBeautyDiary Blooming of Beauty in Pink RockRose and Orange Blossom.

I love anything Meditteranean based and I like orange blossoms, so I picked the Orange Blossom version first.

So, I told you I like this mask a lot. Why is that?
  • Most importantly: reduces sensitivity
  • texture of sheet mask is soothing
  • the right amount of moisture for the skin
  • the scent is absolutely lovely (Orange blossom)
  • Affordable price
  • Cute design of the packaging
I have only been using this mask twice, and I have not been able to use it on healthy skin yet. So, I cannot say that much about the brightening or anti-aging properties. However, I really like the soothing quality of this mask for the time being. Any mask that is able to be tolerated on a highly sensitive and slightly damaged skin is a blessing.

I bought mine on ebay from ciaotaurus over here.


Citrine said...

The drawing on the pouch is adorable! I want a canvas tote like that!

~Lisa said...

The packaging is so cute and reminds me so much of spring ^^

coffretgorge said...

very cute packaging indeed! im not a big fan of citrus scented products but if its as light as paul&joe skincare i just might reconsider. hehe.

thank you for sharing this babe! :)

Fruity Lashes said...

MBD came out with a lot of new masks. can't keep up anymore. i'm glad this works out for you.