Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

Last week has been a busy one...

Still, I believe that unwinding is a good thing when you have a lot of obligations...thus:

1. Spring flowers
Ohhhw, I am strongly hoping for spring to finally pop up its head on the scene. I am looking for the simpliest signs, such as this flower with its cute dewdrop. However, these are stubborn flowers and will show themselves even when it is still as awfully winteresque as it is now.

2. Milan Fashion Week
I haven't been looking that much to blogs this week, but I was struck by the gorgeousness of Margherita Missoni. She is everything I admire in the (ok, a bit stereotype image) of the Italian woman. Radiant, confident in her sensuality, wearing exquisite clothes and an impeccable style and the flowy, brunette locks that are always into place. Oh, let's  not forget her ambition and the ability to create fantastic clothes. She seems to have so much fun in this picture and the way she deliberately mixed up her clothes in a unmatchy manner is just fantastic and it works for her.

3. Crafting a bit
I wish I had Missioni's clothes creating skills, but I have been keeping it a bit simplier by making this cute necklace with a cutesy theme. Actually, I am thinking of giving it away, because I am not really into the cutesy look, or, actually I sometimes am, but I would not wear it in public like that. Still, I loved the creative activity between my busy schedule and perhaps I can  make another girl happy with it.

So, do you think I should give away that necklace in box no 3? If yes, would you like to win it?


Citrine said...

I think it's the necklace is pretty cute and I sure want it. (Just kidding,I know shipping rate everywhere is pretty high nowadays...)

Cayla said...

I adore the necklace. Very vintage-y.