Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Newbies tries...

Nothing much has been going on, beautywise!

But I still like to share some new things I accumulated lately...

Yey, one of my ol' Korean loves...Lotree!

I bought a set, which included this dainty lipbalm with the fantastic Korenglish name "Kissing the Lipbalm Macademia".

Right, I only want to kiss the lipbalm and not the lips behind them ;-)

I know it looks so cute and girly, but I would not recommend this for the inside. It is a plain vaseline like lipbalm with some weird substance included that makes your lips burn a bit.

Another cute and girly item I bought in the local drugstore is this floraly blush from Catrice.

Au contraire the lipbalm, this is actually really good and gorgeous product for a cheap blush...

To continue on the girly path...Look at this adorable cover from Dainty sheetmasks!

This is their Lotus mask, and it is quite good! It smells lightly soapy but tolerable. The sheet is thin, but the essence is in abundance and sooo soothing. (bought it here)

Unlike the Coffee mask of Dainty I tried...

No allergies, fortunately :D, only a weird smell of coffee breath mixed with soap...bleerg. (bought it here)

I also have been wearing Ruffled Bottoms....

Just the nailpolish version of Jessica.

If I would post my ruffled bottoms in a blog, I would have created a different kind of blog, right?

So, have you been trying some new cosmetica lately? And, did you like it?


AnnaYJia said...

The floraly blush looks so pretty ! Can't wait for your review soon ^^

coffretgorge said...

that cute little pot of lip balm causes a burning sensation?! EVIL!

the catrice blusher looks so nice! the colors are very wearable too! *thumbs up!*

you got some interesting masks there! did the coffee make you alert and fidgety? LOL xD

Julia said...

I never knew you were also located here in Germany!