Monday, 28 February 2011

The stamp, the letter, the gift

About 2 weeks ago I had a little, cute discovery of an online place where I could sample some Asian cosmetics.

I thought that most sample stores were not able to send out internationally, or just mailed out their products in some part of Asia. But hurray, mails out to Europe, and is pretty quick with it as well.

I just love the stamps decorated on the envelope!

The letter contained a couple of masks that I was curious about. The name often draws me in (hehe, remember BeautyDIY, Beautyfriends, etc), so a mask named Love More had a great appeal to me. Who does not want to be love/and be loved, a little bit more?

A gift? Mmm, not really. I still had to pay 10.04 singaporean dollars (approximately 5 euros), however, what a wonderful way to try out something new.

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mandy said...

I've seen some singaporean bloggers post about this company before. I think there should be more of these everywhere :P It'll be so convenient to be able to try products out before fully committing to them. Can't wait to hear about the products you got ^__^