Saturday, 26 February 2011

My 'too cool for school'-bag

Hey, have you seen my new bag that I received in a gmarket order some time ago?

It is a dusty red shade that is neutral enough for days I do not want to scream out colour (but still want that bit of red).

It is really versatile: you can wear it in three different ways:

'Too Cool for School' bag: carry by handle or on the schoulder (Pictures courtesy of HAKO 하코)

or as a quirky backpack! (Pictures courtesy of HAKO 하코)
It is not real leather, however, it has that leather look done quite well.

I bought this from seller HAKO 하코, Item no. 195189292. (link)
This is their lovely D18 model. I really like it when the sellers work in numbers. I can figure out a bit of the Korean signs, but with numbers it is far easier :D


mandy said...

It looks really nice! I love convertible/versatile bags ^__^
Have you bought other bags from Gmarket before? They have so many styles that I like but haven't heard much about its quality..

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Mandy,
This is my first venture on a gmarket bag. I think they have different qualities depending on the price (and seller, and description). :)
However, I've ordered two new bags at gmarket in my next order, and one of that one is leather, so I am really curious how they will be.

alvira said...

wow it's so pretty I love the red color

Jennifer said...

i want a bag like yours! and i love the color red <3

sizbelle said...

awww i wana own a fashion bag like this which i can easily blend into my everyday wear!

Music said...

Love the red shade. I haven't ventured to gmarket yet.