Monday, 7 February 2011

Kanebo Lunasol Ocean Scene 05 Colourful Ocean

Today I am going to dedicate my post to one of the pretty jewels I purchased lately.

It starts with the decadent outside of the box: one of the reasons I really like buying something from Lunasol. There is so much detail in the layout, and I almost always want to keep the box with the palette, even though it often takes up lots of precious space.

I ventured on a totally different colour spectrum I usually go for. I am the neutrals girl and I have heaps of varieties of all kind of neutral shades. I really wanted something else, something sweeter and lighter. Possible something pastel.

Gladly Lunasol included my wishes in a palette with a, for Japanese standards, a more unusual colour scheme. Yeh, you do see a lighter blue and yellow in palettes often, but not in this combination.

Further on, I loved loved loved the name Colourful Ocean more than all the others. I believe that the colours in the palette sum up the qualities of the perfect ocean:

♥ a pink for Coral
♥ soft, ocean blue
♥ baby yellow for that perfect sand
♥ brown: for the trees...

I really love Lunasol's interpretation of an Ocean Scene.

 Close up, the eyeshadows have a different shape than the usual Lunasol palette. Normally, the outlook is flat . This palette has that heaved quality that I normally see in baked eyeshadows or pigments...

Lunasol Ocean Scene 05 Colourful Ocean
 Swatches on my skin, primed with Burberry Foundation (no eyeshadow primer, only foundation):

Lunasol Ocean Scene 05 swatches

The colour is quite dense and packed. Especially for Lunasol and for pastel based colours.

The glitter topcoat wears of after a couple of uses. That is a major plus for me, although the glitters in this formula almost are densely packed, and almost flattering on my eyes.

The darkest colour, the brown, is always handy as a neutral or to give that bit of depth that looks flattering, especially when wearing lots of lighter colours.

I think this palette matches the mood of fashion, because trends are going in the direction of brights, florals and sportswear (think: 1970s tennis girl). This makes a pastel based palette like this wonderful for matching the face according the clothes.

I have to conclude that I am really happy with this purchase. I really wanted to have a lighter colour spectrum, because I have found out that darker colours do not flatter me that much anymore. I love the spectrum of light that these colours give me, and each of them bring out a different dimension in my eyes.

I bought my palette on Adambeauty for $56.50, which is not cheap, but I excused myself that the Euro-dollar currency rate is quite favourable right now. He he, a girl needs some excuses, right?


Jennifer said...

i love pastels <3!! can you please do a EOTD with this palette? :)

mint said...

wow those colours are so pretty! i've always wanted a lunasol palette but they are so pricey..

alvira said...

Lovely colors and their packaging is so pretty but they are so expensive, can't buy them from my tiny miny pocket money :(

coffretgorge said...

babe, how did you get to touching your palette? LOL i have this too but i just cant seem to put my fingers on the shadows hahaha *crazy*

yes, all the colors are so beautiful! :) and i believe adambeauty has the best price online. (another excuse) ;)

Anna said...

Gorgeous! I very rarely manage to buy Asian make-up, but Lunasol is always top of the list for me...just got 3 nail polishes from adambeauty, but no eyeshadow palettes...this time! The one you got is so yummy, reminds me of icecream! xxx

Jess said...

Oh, this is probably the cutes pastel eyeshadow palette I've seen in a long time... thanks for sharing!

Fruity Lashes said...

this palette is so sparkly and the colors are really nice. thanks for the swatch! they look dramatic in the pans but really are wearable colors.