Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

Last week was a cold one...Somehow I seem to accept the cold better in the midst of winter than I do right now in the eve of Spring.

Still, there were some things that "satified the soul" a bit:

1. Hurray: It was London Fashion Week! (today they shift to Milan)
I have a bit of a ambigious feel with fashion and I would not call myself fashionable. People watching to go to more fashionable lenghts can be inspiring. London, in fashion terms (don't quote me on it, I'm already quoting some Faaahhhshion magazines) is the one that is often most fresh, daring and adventurous.

Alexa Chung, over here, is already sporting a trend that I would gladly take over: see the MINT bag??? Hey, I seem to have a bit of style credits because I blogged about my like for that colour on monday. I don't know the designer of that bag, it will probably be some big and expensive name because that girl probably gets bags offerered by the dozens because if she is seen with one of the bag: it becomes IT instantly. But, I can do with a cheaper alternative or a fantastic vintage one.

2. Commuting on trains:
It can be less boring when the trains are decorated with a bold graffiti mark. Often, graffiti has some kind of deeper message, or is anarchistic or just wants to declare the authors pseudonymic name.

I wonder why this artist had the urge to put down 'harig', which plainly means 'hairy' in Dutch. Who knows?

3. Getting my health on.
Berries = antioxidants = bit of beauty treatment on the inside

4. TLC for the hands
The cute Disney print makes lotioning hand a bit more fun.

Do you like the fashion weeks? and if you do, do you like to watch the makeup creations, the clothes or something else?


Old Cow said...

I am a berry fan too. My berry of the week has been blackberries.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hey Old Cow,

Blackberries are amazing as well. I got some Peruan ones lately that were really sweet.