Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

First I would like to thank my readers for noticing my new banner (hurray) and making sweet comments for me showing my blogface on the blogosphere again. I know my blog does not really stand out for its originality, but it is wonderful to know that people might follow me and read all these blah-blahs that I put online.

I was considering making a fixed weekly section of the things I have been up to. I know, it is something that other bloggers do, and I might have 'borrowed' this concept a bit from them...

Well, in Dutch we have a proverb called "beter goed gestolen dan slecht bedacht", which translates to "better to steal something efficiently than to think up of something poorly". Oops, I think google translater might to a better job. I normally do not agree at all with this idea, because I do not like borrowing other people's idea, but in this world with a 6 billion citizens I might end up having a similar idea than someone else, so why not looking at something that works for others and do it for my blog too.

Another reason...a bit of frequency in the posts I make is both good for you (readers) as me.

So this is my first 'Mid Weekly Quirkology' post. I might go on with this if I can be frequent and reliable enough, ha ha...

1. My lovely Sigificant other pointed at this picture and said "Weed"...hahaha. And for your information, my lovely significant other is not a 19 year old stoner who thinks he knows what that 'spirit'-altering-herb stuff looks like. Well, most Dutch people know what it looks like, although the stereotype that all Dutch people smoke all the time is not true. I think the rate of users is as high or low as other countries.

Beside of all the herb talk, this is TEA. I mighty good one. Spirit altering, perhaps, because it is Champagne Mojito Flavored Green tea...GOODY. You have the taste of champagne and mojitos that drift you away to tropical spheres (with a bit of imagination) and the wholesomeness of green tea. (ps: I found it here )

So it is all about combining pleasure with something beneficial. No pain, still gain!

2. What about this cute little person with her blue, polka dot headbow? I have been dugging inside my stash and found the Pinkey Blackhead Off mask. I purchased this from a while ago, but it was one of those products I had not been able to try so for.
I really wanted to review this cute tube, but Sasa is not really reliable in keeping a steady stash of their products. So, no reviews for you, because I cannot tempt you of a product I like (or do not like) when you are not able to buy it anymore.
Ok ok, quick review: I normally have no success with any pore-purching products (strips, peel-off masks, etc) but this was quite ok and gave me somewhat cleaner and tinier pores.

3. RD-2....? Ok, I am going to keep this one a mystery for now. But aficionados already have an idea what this is.

4. I have been thinking about LOVE a lot this week. Well, who couldn't...Valentine next week!
During my Valentine giveaway one of my readers asked the type of gift/giver/valentine-scenario I would expect from the 5 reasons I listed. Well, it is one I forgot to list, but I am sure lots of people will recognize that one:

✓ you and your sigificant other agree NOT to celebrate the commercial fete of Valentine at all, but secretly you would love to get a buckload of presents, so you just pamper the heck out of yourself....

5. Buying expensive labels, and returning them...I bought this delightful Isabel Marant top on sale, which is still rather expensive, too expensive for my liking!

I would have kept it if it were my size. I actually bought it too big! Blimey, Isabel Marant is a french brand and those brands often are really tiny in sizes! I was glad it was too big, but I did not want to reorder it in a smaller size. Somehow, I do not really have that feeling for those high end brands that some people have. Which is good, because I already spend too much for my own liking...he he.

So, that is a bit of the things that 'ticked my boxes' for this midweek...

Have you had some discoveries, rediscoveries, new purchases, or returns this week?
Or thought about LOVE more than normally? Or less, because Valentine and all that commerciality makes you forget about the real thing (luuuuvvv)?

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