Friday, 30 April 2010

My milkshake brings all the boys, ehm pores?...and other fun new goodies

After waiting  a long time for my sasa order I finally received a wonderfully large package after a drought in the package department. LOL, the vulcano eruption did not only disturbe the human travellers from going somewhere else, but also my precious cosmetic goodies to land on my doorstep.

The first goody is a peeling/cleansing hybrid product from O'slee. The reviews were quite positive about it, so I chucked it in my virtual chart in order if it brings all my pores to the yard...LOL, whatever that would mean.

Lately there has been a resurge for a romantic look in a lot of fashion magazines, and I have been envying women with soft, whispy curly locks. I decided not to envy, but to recreate the look myself!

The Lúcido-L curling tonic is created for styling straight Asian hair into goddess-like curls. I often have heard in the past that my hair has a (stubborn) Asian texture, so I hope this tonic can transform the straightness of my hair into romantic waves....

Shills has found a spot on sasa's site, and I was weirdly tempted by the BB Cream Sexy Legs Spray Foundation. With the summer season almost popping in, I would like to be happy about my pins and show them around. I wonder, will this product be suitable to create "sexy legs"? ....mmmm...

I decided to upgrade my skincare regime with a high-end mask from SK-II. I also want to compare it with my favourite sheet-masks from Beautymate, one of the cheapest and most effective masks around. SK-II has been raved about by various bloggers, magazines etc that I had to curb my curiosity and purchased the whole box...

Weee, Kawaii products. The happy smiling thingy is a shower-mitt and the tube next to it is a pore-cleanser...
The shower mitt will be the perfect antidote for grumpy mornings in the least I will get a cheerful smile!

And this manicure is brilliant and something I really would like to recreate soon...smiley nails! (from the Vogue UK April 2010)

What a happy is good to be a girl sometimes...

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Eruptive measures: vulcano ash-clouds and health/beauty...

After almost a week with a million announces on the situation on the vulcano cloud hovering above Europe, I have received so much information, but so little too.

Besides the fact that I know that many people were standed on airports, and that the cloud is not toxic enough for verturing outside, I still wonder about some beauty and health-related issues...

For example, is it better to wear more sunscreen for protection? Or should I apply more antioxidants than I usually do? Should I even venture outside? Was the dizziness I experienced this weekend related to the ash-cloud?

I wondered if the other European beauty bloggers took extra measures, or were somewhat worried about their health situation.

Pleasing my pink side with Etude House LucidDarling 9 Romantic rose

Pink, as in candyfloss pink...I never guessed I would wear this colour as a lipstick in bright daylight!

But I did...
So, in my previous post I was slightly reserved about the latest lipstick of Etude House. I liked some elements of the lipstick, except the opacity and the colour.

You can imagine I was pretty annoyed that I had ordered another one of these lipsticks. These lipsticks were not really Me.

Guess what, I would like to nuance my opinion with another shade I received from the Lucid Darling collection. The no. 9 in Romantic Rose is such a bubbly and fun pink!

When I reluctantly opened my lipstick I first was shocked by the pinkness of the lipstick. Uhohhh, it looked so unlike I would normally wear.

However, the moment I tried on my new pink lipstick, I found it looking 'not too bad' in the mirror.

I upped the rest of my makeup, making my skin more flawless (and made up) than usual, and added some tiny loose fake lashes.

I also went into my wardrobe and dressed up in my minty green gingham blouse, wore my baby pink jacket and a girly skirt...

My normal (neutrally boring) look changed into something dipped into candyfloss...

I stepped outside my confort box, and enjoyed it tremendously.

I even dared to post a mouth-swatch...that is because I actually smiled so happily with this lippy...

Beside of my happy story, I would like to add my 2 cents of why this lipstick was able to work on my skintone.

It looks like a cool and bright pink in the tube and on my mouth. has those tiny, warm gold shimmers inside (NOT glitters...I despise big glitters in lip-products) which makes it wearable for warmer skintones too.  For a high-density and long wearing lipstick they are truly smooth and glossy.

I loved how the change of a lipstick made me change my whole total look. It would absolutely be too high-maintainance to wear this dolly-girl look daily, but it is fabulous for days when I want to up it a bit!

So, no regrets for buying the second LucidDarling lipstick...I think I want the brick red colour (Sunny Red 2) too.

This one arrived with a belated Gmarket order, so I paid ₩9,000 or $8.33 (excluding shipping) for these (here). They are available on ebay too (here) for $11,67 (including shipping).

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Etude House LUCIDDarling Fantastic Rouge lipstick in 04 Pixel Pink

Today is a fab day to review a new lipstick from Etude House. Etude House is a Korean brand that focuses on a young public and has a fairly low price range. But most of you readers will already know that. What you also might now is that Etude House lauches something new frequently. It is not as crazy as MAC, who seems to launch something in the limited edition sphere every week, or so, but it still launches something every month or so.

I often skip the skincare range of Etude House as I consider my skin to be too sensitive to experiment with, especially as EH does not shy away from fragance in their product. However, I often really like their affordable makeup items they launch. 

In March I saw that they had a new lipstick on the market, Real Led pixel Lipstick.

Well, if you say the words lipstick to me and the word new, my mind goes a bit blank and I can only think of 'try, try, try', especially when the colours in the chart look so natural and lip-enhancing.

Before I break out in a song called 'I'm not an addict' (from the delighted K's them, and they are back after a decade of not making any music!) I want to let you know I made a first step in acknowledging my addiction. That is, indeed, acknowledging that I am an addict. Yes, send me to the lipstick-anonymous group and I will stand up and declare that I am addicted to the beautifying potion that decorates the mouths of women (and some men) around the globe.

On the other hand, is it really an addiction? I can afford it and it does not interfere with my social life. It is not that I wander the streets at night finding my perfect lipstick...ha, that would be odd,! Or am totally disfunctional if I do not carry around any lipstick in my purse. So, my addiction is very mild, if it even is an addiction.

Back to the review. I found out that the etude house site, the Korean part of it, has some pictures uploaded from users of their products giving some reviews. It is not easily to navigate on that site, but I found this girl having swatched all colours on her arm...These were quite helpful for me to pick out a colour, or they look better than the digital pictures above of the colours.

I had a craving for something bordering between peach and neutral, as I find them so lovely and Spring-like. That meant that I was drawn to colours 4, 8 and 9. I picked colour 4, Pixel Pink, as it looked like the perfect peachy pink.

The packaging of the tube itself is reminiscent of Kanebo Kate's packaging, which I find neither cheap looking nor expensive. 

The colour is a true pinky peach with tiny flecks of gold inside. Quite beautiful. (click on the picture for a better view of the micro-flecks)

I made a swatch of the lipstick on my arm. The first in in the warm light of the sun (yippi, SUN) and the one after is in the cooler light of the shadow. The colour is so sweet and girly in the swatch.

I consider the colour to be quite stunning, and the feel of the lipstick is really nice. BUT....

And now I have to end my rave about the lipstick.

It is something personal which might be an incredible plus for a lot of girls looking for a lipstick. However, it is too tones down my natural lip-colour entirely and I do not find it sheer enough.

I did not include a lipswatch for my readers, as I am not happy about showing of my pucker these days. However, believe my word on it that it is a high dense colour that almost transforms the lips in the colour of the lipstick itself. It stays as lustrous as in the swatches, so it is not matte at all.

Somewhat, I did not think the youthful colour of pink/peach suited me when wearing it. I was aiming to channel a bit of Brigitte Bardot with the colour, and I turned out to look like 'aunty X in bright lipstick'...

However, I absolutely think this is a kind of lipstick that will leave lots of lipstick-likers excited, especially the ones that consider Japanese lipsticks to be too sheer and natural. In that case I think it is a fantastic choice to take.

I bought mine on ebay, for a change (here). These are also available on gmarket (here), but they do not have 04 anymore so I linked to colour 8.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Post easter bunnyisms

After a couple of moody days I decided that it was time to get myself a cute little friend with a sweet and lovely disposition.

So meet my buddy, ehm bunny:

His honest face was too hard to resist...

And walking to the counter to buy this cuty made me wonder if a woman my age is too old to buy cuddly toys...for herself.

Anyway, my new bunny was not my first cuddly toy love interest. It was this sweet, colourful toy from Jellycat:

She was for sale on Unfortunately, she was quickly sold out.

Fortunately, my first cuddly toy love interest had the next thing to say about it:

Hurray, I like the fact that a soft toy can be marketed for adults as well.

And why not? Adult people have to be responsible and mature the whole is so much fun to nourish your inner child every now and then.

(and actually, I am a fake adult...a wannabe, pretending-to-be-adult who is actually not an adult at all...)

The bunny, still nameless, was not the only thing bought in my state of blah-ness. I was brightened by the new liberty for MAC collection. Bunny is garding my latest blush, 'Prim and Proper'.

The US readers must wonder what exactly is new about Liberty for Mac, because that collection is probably 'soooo March 2010'. But for the European MAC-ers it is thé latest release! And very 'April 2010'!

I also bought a makeup purse from MAC. It's the smallest purse. The salesman said it was the only size released by MAC. I know he was lying, but he was a good salesperson, and actually cute (although gay, I absolutely presume...come on, a straight Makeupartist???) so I let him get away with the lie or lack of knowledge and bought the purse as well.

More things I did not need, but could not resist....

PALETTES!!! I love them. This one is the Elizabeth Arden Sunlit Bronze palette. I am not sure what year or collection it is from, but the colours inside were so gorgeous and the pigmentation was quite stunning...

And my muse of this week is the elegantly smouldering Chloe Sevigny who is decorating the Elle UK with her long limbs and tantalizing gaze:

I wish I had legs a long as hers...sight! I would dress myself up in cute skirt and fab hotpants and flaunt myself around all day.

What I like about Chloe is that she is actually not pretty in pretty standards. Her lips are not plump, her nose is a bit too big. She is not the quintessential big chested, Hollywood starlet.

However, she has the so called X-factor and has confidence that radiates from almost every picture I come across of her! I LOVE confidence!

Confidence rocks...!

Did I say I love confidence? (do not confuse this with arrogance, I do not like arrogance)

So those were my Bunnyisms of this week.

Buuuut, I still want a name for my bunny...does any of my readers have a good suggestion so I can baptise him/her with a suiting name?

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Have a sweet and happy Easter!