Friday, 9 April 2010

Post easter bunnyisms

After a couple of moody days I decided that it was time to get myself a cute little friend with a sweet and lovely disposition.

So meet my buddy, ehm bunny:

His honest face was too hard to resist...

And walking to the counter to buy this cuty made me wonder if a woman my age is too old to buy cuddly toys...for herself.

Anyway, my new bunny was not my first cuddly toy love interest. It was this sweet, colourful toy from Jellycat:

She was for sale on Unfortunately, she was quickly sold out.

Fortunately, my first cuddly toy love interest had the next thing to say about it:

Hurray, I like the fact that a soft toy can be marketed for adults as well.

And why not? Adult people have to be responsible and mature the whole is so much fun to nourish your inner child every now and then.

(and actually, I am a fake adult...a wannabe, pretending-to-be-adult who is actually not an adult at all...)

The bunny, still nameless, was not the only thing bought in my state of blah-ness. I was brightened by the new liberty for MAC collection. Bunny is garding my latest blush, 'Prim and Proper'.

The US readers must wonder what exactly is new about Liberty for Mac, because that collection is probably 'soooo March 2010'. But for the European MAC-ers it is thé latest release! And very 'April 2010'!

I also bought a makeup purse from MAC. It's the smallest purse. The salesman said it was the only size released by MAC. I know he was lying, but he was a good salesperson, and actually cute (although gay, I absolutely presume...come on, a straight Makeupartist???) so I let him get away with the lie or lack of knowledge and bought the purse as well.

More things I did not need, but could not resist....

PALETTES!!! I love them. This one is the Elizabeth Arden Sunlit Bronze palette. I am not sure what year or collection it is from, but the colours inside were so gorgeous and the pigmentation was quite stunning...

And my muse of this week is the elegantly smouldering Chloe Sevigny who is decorating the Elle UK with her long limbs and tantalizing gaze:

I wish I had legs a long as hers...sight! I would dress myself up in cute skirt and fab hotpants and flaunt myself around all day.

What I like about Chloe is that she is actually not pretty in pretty standards. Her lips are not plump, her nose is a bit too big. She is not the quintessential big chested, Hollywood starlet.

However, she has the so called X-factor and has confidence that radiates from almost every picture I come across of her! I LOVE confidence!

Confidence rocks...!

Did I say I love confidence? (do not confuse this with arrogance, I do not like arrogance)

So those were my Bunnyisms of this week.

Buuuut, I still want a name for my bunny...does any of my readers have a good suggestion so I can baptise him/her with a suiting name?


Jamilla Camel said...

Adorable! Love your bunny!


Old Cow said...

Lovely bunny!!

Post more Birkie, please? I love your insight.

Anonymous said...

Cute bunny!! Name him/her with whatever name that makes you happy :) Maybe Chloe? xD I hope your days would get better, I feel that way sometimes too. I missed your posts, they're always fun to read :)

Tracy said...

haha! cute bunny. Maybe call it "Bunny Long Legs"

BV said...

I adore his floppy ears - very darling. I am terrible with naming toys but to me he looks like Bugs Bunny. Mr Bugs?

I don't think stuffed toys are just for children either. I remember a Japanese friend of mine, who knows I love Hello Kitty and I'm over 30 - gave me a Hello Kitty stuffed toy as a present.

It was so cute, she was wearing a panda suit! (A fake cat dressed as a panda - it was so weird in a way) She lives on my bed and I am rather attached to her. Guffaw.

Sweet post.