Monday, 15 November 2010

Shu Uemura Camillia Silk Oil smoothing Fluid & Kose Salon Style Precious Head Serum

Hair is big has always been that way and it is still these days. Trends come and go, but as hair seems to be the indicator of health (fertility & attractiveness) and the one thing that does not go out of style is shiny and healthy hair.

I have shiny hair, but I have this craving for ridiculously, shiny hair that it would blind anyone that looks upon it. That, so shiny it looks fake. That kind of hair.

So I buy stuff, more hair stuff for me to attain that goal.

So, I have bought a relatively cheap one (Kose Salon Style Precious Head) and a ridiculously expensive one (Shu Uemura Camilla oil silk fluid) to put into the test.

With Kose Cosmeport Salon Style I have been having a good experience with their hair mask in the past. So, during one of my shopping in order to reach that $100 mark for free shipping, I added this in order to see if it could bring that ridiculous shine to my hair.

I was lured into the Shu Uemura because of the raves online and in the magazines. Also, I love Shu's cosmetic line. I have been trying their Tasai Cream in the past, and I did not liked it (I gave it away during my giveaway last spring). Well, I am not one to give up if one items of their line does not work, so I bought this serum that just HAD to work because I paid approximately $30 for it.

I really like the cleanness of Shu's packaging.
Shu Uemura Style Camillia Silk Oil Smoothing Fluid

Mmm, I will keep it short...It does not deliver. Yes, I do get some shine, but it does not make any noticable difference compared to not wearing it at all.

My second goal, untangling my hair (something a serum should at least be capable of) is not reached either. Yes, it untangles a tiny bit, but does not have that quality that some other untangling serums have.

Overal, I would not buy it again.
Kose Cosmeport Salon Style Precious Head extra smooth serum
 So, there is my second product for that...possibly impossible goal of mine. Kose Cosmeport Salon Style Precious Head extra smooth serum. I like the fact of having a precious head, at least, I consider my head to be precious for its thinking qualities, LOL.

It has that similar soapy smell as the hair mask, and according to it has spa water and botanical extracts inside. Interesting.

Another short review: it does not give me that ridiculous shine either.
However, as a detangler it seems to be working a bit better.

I  also like the fact that it takes less cash to purchase this: $8.80 at for 110 ml.

Still, I do not think either products help in order to get that fantastic shine I see on some people (either with virgin or coloured hair).

Conclusion, I do not think these two make much of a difference on the natural state of my hair nor bring out extra gloss, so I could just skip them. The detangler effect of the Kose is lovely, but can be replaced by any other smoothing cream or a good conditioner.

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BV said...

Thank you so much for this post! I too am looking for super shine product. I think Redken Glass is okay but still no goldmine. I bought that Kose one also and it really does not work AT ALL for me. I think the answer might be using a non-permanent rinse that has oodles of shine in it. To be honest, that is the only thing that has given me the "wig like" fake shine... for a few weeks anyhoo!