Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Kose Cosmeport Salon Style Hair mask

It's about hair today! So shake your locks and let the hair flow....

As I mentioned a looong time ago, my hair is quite long...and I always looking for a good, but not too expensive mask to treat my hair every now and then.

I like a couple of Western brands, such as Redken Smooth Down Butter treatment, but that s#cker is not cheap at all (22 euros). Actually, most good quality masks in Western brands are quite expensive. Fortunately, I found a wonderful and cheaper alternative for this baby, and it is from Kose.

Let me introduce the Kose Cosmeport Salon Hair Style mask. I found it for around 10 euros or cheaper on Sasa.com. Unfortunately, sasa has taken it out of its line, which is a shame, because it is wonderful!

The Gold emblem looks royal to me...very stylish.

The inside looks quite goopy and a bit thick. This is a major plus, in my opinion, because a little bit of cream will cover a lot of your locks. My thrifty nature is also satisfied, as you can do a long time before finishing the tub.

This picture shows how past-like it is...LOL, it looks like a little hat on my finger...

However, it works like a dream on slightly damaged hair. It silkifies, moisturizes and makes it easier to comb...it also straightens the hair a bit, although I am not really sure how it would work on curly or wavy hair, as my hair is already quite stick-straight.

I would absolutely recommend this mask if you are looking for a mask that makes damaged locks more managable. Darn sasa for not selling this anymore! I found it on ebay (or evilbay as some say) around $ 11, however, you still have to pay the extra shipping so that will take the cheap out of the deal.

Nevertheless, I would still recommend this mask, even if the price would be a bit higher.


cheryl said...

hi helen! i used to use klorane's mango butter mask once a week but i realized that the haircut also really makes a difference. now i don't let anyone "slice" my hair with a razor anymore, just good old scissors blunt cut is healthier for my hair.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Cheryl, So nice to hear from you again !Your hair is pretty straight as well. I have had the layered cut in my life but I haven't had it raizored, I think.

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i dont think i have seen this around XD!
i going to look a bit harder now!

Glow Chaser said...

Right...this looks like it could be a BIG GUN in my war against friz.....need to find it now.....!!

Thanks for this Birkie!

angie519 said...

That mask sounds wonderful!!

constantmoaning said...

Love your blog btw! This item is now available at SASA on sale. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

the stock is back at sasa.com, i just bought 3 tubs on 15th, hope this helps :)