Saturday, 27 November 2010

Banila Co. Glam in the Dark F/W 2010 (2nd collection) eyeshadow palette

Gosh, what an enormous title that I have to write down to describe this product, and I haven't even written down 'review/swatches' yet.

Oh, hi again. Last week I had not blogged anything because I could not find anything to blog on that was blogworthy or had not been blogged about before. For the Banila co. eyeshadow palettes I always make an exception, because I often like their palettes a lot.  

Their second Fall/Winter 2010 collection has more than the palette I picked up: a couple of eyeliners, two lipsticks and a lipgloss and a mascara. The Mineral Baking Pact is probably a repromotion of the same product, only in a beautiful sparkly eggplant case.

I found the blush to be incredibly hard to resist as well, but you can understand with an uncountable collection of those cheek-perkifyers I just could not justify on splurging on another one.

Don't mind the Korean spelling...kind of funny name pun: a products that Blurs-her (it blurs her into looking beautiful).

I am happy with the palette only. The holographic letters are embossed on the eggplant purple case, which give it a winter-luxury feeling.

The colour composition is based on rather earthy colours. So I would not call it a festive period palette but more suitable for daytime looks.

The composition is of 3 shimmery colours and 3 matte colours.

The first three on the left: A shimmery mauve brown. A matte purple brown colour and a matte cream colour.

The right part of the palette. A matte camel colour, a shimmery taupe brown and a semi-shimmery deeper brown colour.

I really wanted the palette for the Camel colour only, because the A/W fashion scene is filled with camel coloured clothes and now I have a matching eyeshadow to pair up with.

Swatches with Too Faced Eye Insurance as a primer:

With this selection of colours, finishes and textures I noticed a couple of differences.
First, the shimmery colours have the best texture that I am used to of Banila Co.'s palettes. However, the difference between the mauve brown and taupe brown are not that big. It might be difficult for the untrained eye to see a difference.

The darkest brown on the right is ok, but has not the best velvety texture ever.

I absolutely like the matte colours for shading and highlighting, and the cream colour is wonderful for that unnoticably bit of highlight. As for my favourite colour, camel, I found it a bit hard to swatch. I hope this will be better on the eyes. However, matte eyeshadows often are a bit more difficult to use.

The only matte I really appreciate texture-wise are Becca colours. Not that I have tried a lot of matte colours, but I prefer Becca matte eyeshadows over MAC, for example.

There are some awesome swatches on this Korean blog as well, so check them out if you want to see them (here)

Overall, it is a lovely palette with a lot of potential for people who are into neutral type of colours. It does not really scream 'festive season' or 'glitterparty' but that is absolutely ok. I mean, some days you just want to have a neutral and toned-down healthy look in between all of the debauchery of the festivities.

I bought this palette on over here for ₩25,000 ($ 22.42- excluding shipping). I did not get the gift, but I cannot read Korean so there must be a special cause that spells out what to do for a gift.


Mary in Wonder said...

very pretty colors!
I don't understand why people don't like matte colors. They are versatile and perfect for everyday wears and going out too! That's true many brands have difficulty with intense colors as mattes, but good quality ones can do all. IMHO blingy-blingy/glittery/frosty, etc. eyeshadows are great to play and experiment with, perfect to party, but one cannot live with only them.
Mattes and subtly shimmery textures can show skills and work like they are meant to be.
ooom, I'm babbling too much, sorry! >.< It's just I'm a matte lover XD
Anyway, I especially love these colors from the palette: matte purple brown, shimmery taupe and dark brown....see? 2-1 to shimmer XD

Rachel said...

You have shown variety of matte colors and the colors are very attractive. One can match with outfits. I appreciate your link a lot.

Fruity Lashes said...

i'm totally wowed by this set. it's really pretty!