Sunday, 19 September 2010

Batiste dry shampoo in Brunette

For today I am going to give a mini-review on a product that has to to with hair. I normally shy away about reviewing anything that has to do with hair. Simply, hair does not interest me so much and I believe there are more experted people with better hair that can give some excellent reviews.

Still, one of the things my mum told me is to keep it clean, fresh and tangle free. And even if the 'dirty' look can look absolutely fantastic on the shorter hairstyles, I have longer hair and I like to keep it clean and shiny.

Clean hair can be a hassle when you have a busy lifestyle, are travelling a lot, or are at a festival in the summer. Dry shampoo can be a good product for extending your hairdo another day.

Another plus with dry shampoo is that they can be quite volumizing, which is a good extra.

For people who are not a light to middle blonde, and those are probably 85% of the world population or more, a normal dry shampoo is actually not a way of  looking really fabulous after application. Ok, there are the clearer varieties these days, but most turn out to be that white stuff that looks a lot like dandruff.

I have been familiar with Bumble & Bumble coloured dry shampoos, which are effective but expensive. So when I spotted a Brunette version from Batiste I was eager to ship this from the UK.

Batiste Brunette
Judging on the colour scheme of the can, I had a bit of hope that it would turn out to flatter warmer brunette colours. The can is in a auburn-kind of colour, and I would clearly define this as warm.

And did it live up to my expectations?

 Ehm, I displayed the effect of the dry-shampoo on my fake fringe (or bangs). The fringe is made of real human hair and matches my hair a lot. I circled the Batiste spray with the red lining.

Batiste brunette on the real hair fake fringe (circled in red)
As you notice, the hair colour is somewhere beteen a middle golden blonde and a light golden brunette, that depends on the colour definition that the larger companies of hairdyes give out. I noticed that my colour of hair is classified as brunette in Northern European countries, but in Southern European countries I am suddenly a middle-blonde.

To continue my two cents on the Batiste Brunette. Well, It looks terribly ashy and does not look shiny and fresh in my opinion. Actually, it looks like I have been rolling into barbeque ashes and put it in my hair. So, instead of the dandruff-look I have a woman-who-rolled-in-fire-ashes look...what an improvement!

Now, this is only a test on a particular shade of brunette, so it might work on the real cooler tones of brunettes. Still, I will go for the clearer varieties in the future, or spend a bit more on Bumble & Bumble.

Well, no big loss in the money department. It costed me £3.00. 

Still, I would like to see more companies to cater for Brunettes, redheads and raven-haired beauties. It is not only the blondes that need a suitable dry shampoo. And a good budget version in a suitable colour, or clear formula, would actually sell and give those companies more profit. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

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