Monday, 13 September 2010

Banila Co Autumn 2010 Love Affair palette in F07

After showing you some of the lip-products of Banila Co Love Affair line last weekend, I can finally move to the Pièce de résistance of the collection. What else to be incredibly excited about than the gorgeously laced palette.

I have been a huge fan of Banila's palettes since my first buy. One of the things I love about the eyeshadows in the palette is their buttery texture, which makes it glide over your eyelids. It is vibrant after application, even without a base, and makes it fuzz free for carrying around.

For non-Korean readers, the back of the pallette is probably not really informative. Most information is written down in Korean.

Now honestly, I often skip the promotion information written on the back and I rarely look at the ingredients of makeup either, because I trust the bigger makeup companies for not letting me put on any toxins on my face.

Still, with any penetrative product, such as creams/lotions/serums/ect, I DO read the ingredient list, because my dear old skin is really picky and often reacts quickly on lots of chemical and even natural elements. And although I probably do not react on Parabens, I often get that icky feeling when parabens are included in a cream.

The packaging of the palette is really gorgeous and is absolutely suitable to carry around and for making your girlfriends a bit envious. The pinky bronze surface with that beautifully deep bronze lace motive, it is absolutely delightful!

However, the content has to match up its exterior. And as I said earlier, I have been liking Banila's texture of eyeshadows in the palettes, so I would probably not be dissapointed in this purchase.

(Although, sometimes a company decides to 'make over' their products and meddles too much with an already suitable products, so it actually dissapoints compared to the earlier version).

Although I have been happy with Banila's quality of eyeshadow, I often have found some colours not really suitable for my colouring or I could not find it to be age-appropriate (obvious glitters? No no no)

But the rave continues, because I am absolutely delighted with the composition of colours in the palette.

I have made some close up pictures, which is in the same order as the palette.

First, A dark mauvy brown laced with gold shimmers....Next to that one, a softer and lighter lilac mauve.

In the middle: a beige shimmer that probably works as a highlighter on any browbone (or other places you would like to highlight). And a whiter, more matte, vanilla shade that is the more subtle kind of highlighter for that "Look-I'm-naturally-pretty-and-I-do-not-wear-any-makeup-at-al"-look.

At the right: the smokey ladies. They do not really match up with the warmer side of the left and the middle, but they are fantastic for making that quick and sultry smokey eye that you often like to create for a date or night out.

Now to the swatches:

It seems like the left side of the palette starts of as suitable for persons who like their shades warm, the middle are quite neutral and light, and the right side are silvery and smokey.

I am intrigued how the silvery colour (no 5) has that green undertone, that makes it more interesting. I find this colour the most unique in the palette, and I believe I do not have such a shade yet.

Pigmentation-wise, they did not dissapoint (gladfully). Although the 4 shade in the Vanilla colour is not as pigmented as the other ones. That is something I encounter in most palettes, that one or more of the colours seem to lack pigmentation.

Perhaps you can even find more representative swatches on the same side I have linked before: here.   Click on the small 'Love Affair' label, and then you will get on a page with the title 'event'.

This is a winner palette for me! And even though my real life is lacking any love Affair of importance, I can continue to stay enamorated with the beautiful colours and the gorgeous packaging of the palette.

I bought this palette on Gmarket over here.


mint said...

very gorgeous colors :D! how does it look on the eyes? thanks for the swatches ^^

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

this looks like a nice palette...I just love neutrals...

Cinnabunnie said...

such a beautiful case!

BV said...

ooooh.. I want this!
thanks for the post and swatches... um..

Cinnabunnie said...

hey birkie! i nominated you for the sunshine blog award!

Old Cow said...

I have yet to try banila co shadows, this is very tempting. naughty Birkie for making me look!