Sunday, 19 September 2010

5 new things I would like to have...

Writing a beauty blog means that I try more cosmetic products than the average person around. There is just something about the lure of a product that has HG potential (holy grail), even though you are perfectly satisfied with the things you already have.

Although I can be lured easily in buying something that I fancy, I still have certain wishlists around for things that look quite interesting, but are
  1. quite expensive or are financially not the best thing to do
  2. unneccesary (most of my buys are unnecessary, so that excuse does not really work, although some products are even less necessary than others).
  3. require difficult strategies to order 
  4. am not certain about if my skin would tolerate/like, or if it would flatter me...etc.
  5. have a waiting list...
  6. has gotten mixed reviews
  7. are from a brand I haven't had any success with in the past...
Still, they are interesting enough to remain on my wishlist.

1. Kose Addiction Autumn 2010 blush in Gorgeous

Yes Factor:
I have had good experiences with Kose Addiction before (posts here). And after seeing the online colour picture of Gorgeous, I think I am smitten: it is that certain mauve/rosy colour that could suit my complexion perfectly.

I am also enticed by the blush in Good Girl. Oh lord, I think I want all the eyeshadows as well! For the Lady Gaga lovers there is even a colour named Bad Romance in a shockingly matte purple. Still, I think I would skip the Bad Romance and go for the smoky Twig.

And this time I am not too critical over the promotion picture. The collection is London-themed, so it actually makes a bit of sense they put a rock-chick kind of girl on the promo picture. Although, one of my favourite bloggers, old cow from worshipblues, is a Londoner as well and she would make an awesome rock-chic too. And it makes sense, fashion bloggers are having a larger say in the collections of the grande fashion house and get bags named after them, so why not putting our favourite beauty bloggers as the faces of cosmetic products?

No or maybe factor:
Price: This blush is Expensive with a capital E. And what if there are chunky glitters in it, or the colour is not what I expected it to be. Oh, and don't I already have a thousand of these colours yet?

2. Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection.

yes factor:
I have straight hair. So depending on my need I want to pretend it is either curly or wavy, or even get that extra-straight look that was fashionable a couple a years ago (straightening irons, anyone?). It would be blissfull to create that poker-straight look that girl is sporting on the promo-picture without those damaging thongs...

no or maybe factor:
Gosh, how many hair products can a girl have? I need to finish at least one product in order to excuse myself from making another hair-product purchase. And which product to take? All of them? And what if it is a craptastic product again?

3. Edward Bess eyeshadows (or actually the whole line)

Yes factor:
One of the more Niche brands that has been popping up at the beauty blogosphere lately. The eyeshadows are available in six neutral colours, that I like. The swatches online look fantastic and covet-worthy.I have read that they are extremely suitable for the ladies that aren't in their twenties anymore, so a flattering eyeshadow is something covet-worth

no or maybe factor:
 The price. The lack of colours and the dupe-ability of the colours. I am also afraid they will not show up on my eyes. It's perhaps a bit too niche for me. Or worse, I might love it so much that I want to buy the whole collection, something my wallet would not really recommend.

4. Madara tinted Moisturizer

Yes Factor:
You can see it on the promo-picture: it has that whole meadow-type of wholesome-ness. I actually want to be that natural-looking girl with her flawless skin and dance in the summery meadow with her probably perfectly handsome and flawless boyfriend.

And the ingredients:
 Baltic St.John's-wort, plantain, chamomile, algae and rose water, as well as cocoa and jojoba.
 Wow, St. John's worth is a natural form of prozac, so I might even get chirpy by wearing the moisturizer!

It gets even worse: this blogger is so enthousiastic about the tinted moisturizer that it is almost impossible to resist. And darn, the reviewer is a model as well, so she must get offered or made up by lot of products so she must know something about all types of foundations and tinted moisturizers.

No or maybe factor:
Price, ofcourse. And something I mentioned before in previous posts: I think the review I mentioned before is absolutely fantastic, but honestly, that girl would look good with her face covered in the cheapest and most unflattering makeup ever. They would even make such a look trendy when she is wearing it. I like to know if it looks good on real girls with flaws (which makes it a yes factor again, to buy it in order to find out/review for the blog).

5.  Burberry Cape trench jacket.

Yes Factor:
Capes...getting in touch with my superheroine side that must be somewhere. And Burberry, what is the epithome of style by owning a Burberry jacket. It is also Fashionable with a capital F.

No or maybe factor:
This jacket has DREAM ON written on it. I won't even mention the p-word is the ultimate expensive item that I cave, and so impossibly obtainable that I placed it on the end of my wishlist. I might mention my blog birkinbagbeauty, but I haven't even got a midge of Jane Birkin's financial means or the wardrobe she probably has acquired over the years...
He he, a girl can dream, can't she?

Well, what are your wishlist items for this autumn? And why have you been slightly hesitant of buying them?


Coco said...

ohhhhh the Burberry jacket is divine!!! so amazing....but yes, capital E! Did you check out the Juicy capes? Granted they don't have that x-factor, but they don't have the price tag either... I actually just got one from H&M, college student what can I say, but I'm enjoying it very much

Mona said...

i was at the edward bess counter and resisted ;P

coffretgorge said...

i dont blame you for wanting that ADDICTION blusher, the name itself is alluring! hahaha

i hope you get everything! *wishing on a really big star* ;)

Old Cow said...

I want more addiction too. I like teh look of REVENGE.