Sunday, 12 September 2010

Banila Co Autumn 2010 lipgoss in Amour

What a perfect time to continue to review my Banila Co Autumn 2010 range: it is drizzling outside so Autumn surely has its foot on the doormat.

Amour, amour, what a lovely name for a lipstick: simple but romantically enough to remember. 

Yesterday I wrote something about the promotion picture and said that I liked the picture. However, I forgot to mention how delicately lovely the packaging is: Both the boxes as the lipgloss/lipstick are adorned with a colour that merges from pink into rust and almost remind me of a sunset, or the transition from summer (a happy light pink) into Autumn (rusty and sultry).

The lace motive is incredibly gorgeous as well. Lace is a wonderful fabric that is sensual enough without being racy. And in this fantasy of a perfect, French themed love affair, what other fabric to use that the bronzy coloured lace packaging?


The Amour colour is a pinker colour than the Parisienne colour I showed yesterday. Still, it has some lovely nudeness inside that does not scream "I'm wearing a lip-product". There is a time when I want to scream "I'm wearing lipstick", for example when I like to wear my Etude House Pixel Pink in Romantic Rose...

One thing that is really handy for applying is the somewhat slanted tip. It feels easier for application than a straight tip.

The colour is beyond stunning! I am completely enthralled by the colour and the subtle dimensions inside of the gloss. If you click on the swatch you can see the golden highlight of fine shimmer inside. And the colour itself is that perfect mix of nudeness, pinkness, peachiness that makes my complexion glow without giving that image of being made up.

What makes this a good lipgloss is that is is quite opaque. With a lot of lipglosses, you buy a stunning colour but it almost looks non-existent on the mouth because it is too sheer to make any difference. Well, not with this one. It looks natural on me, because it is a MLBB colour and it mimicks my natural colour, only 7 times better.

Although I have my doubts about the frequency of the Parisienne lipstick I reviewed yesterday (as I normally don't do nudes), I would recon that this lipgloss has the potential to become one of my staple items, as you can put this one on without thinking too much about how it looks with the rest of your look.

More swatches can be seens on Banila co's website over here. One of the girls has zoomed in on the lipgloss and she has a swatch on her lips too.  Click on the small 'Love Affair' label, and then you will get on a page with the title 'event'.

I am quite eager to get this colour in the lipstick as well. However, I do not want to make a full gmarket order too soon, so I am going to watch ebay if the lipstick in Amour pops up anytime soon. If it does not, I have to excuse myself into ordering something more on gmarket again...he he.

I bought this lipgloss on gmarket over here, itemnumber 192656617.


Cinnabunnie said...

you're right! the packaging and the lace motifs look very enchanting and pretty ^^ the gloss looks just as beautiful too! thanks for sharing

Diane said...

Wow that lipgloss looks so pretty! The swatch looks like it has a little bit of a gold shimmer in it. Is that right? Or is it just my computer? That's for the review!