Sunday, 8 August 2010

Skeen + Perfect Eyes Powder: novelty skincare eyecare

Sometimes I stumble on something cosmetic-related that I had not heard from before, but is actually quite brilliantly thought out.

In this line of finding something new, I stumbled upon French Skincare company Skeen+. Skeen+ has a varied line of skincare products with powder based products, that turn into creams when rubbing it out on the skin. In one of these lines is their Perfect Eyes Powder, or Poudre Perfect Yeux. A powder-turns-cream with caffeine and vitamine C for the eyes.

Skeen+ is a French skincare line that is actually targetted for men. Something I was not totally aware of when receiving the information from a flawlessly matte saleswoman from this brand. Mind you, I received the information in french, and although my french is sufficient enough to understand something, especially about beauty related things, I must have missed the part that is is targetted for men. Looking at her supermatte (but still natural skin) it seemed that she used one of their top-products as well, the Poudre Matte Refiner.

At least, she told me she used that, but you know how some salespeople are...they are already beautiful and flawless and claim to have used everything from the brand they sell in order to get you spend your cash. So, not aways reliable.

Well, I might have seen on the colour of the box and the other products from Skeen+ that it is a line for men. On the other hand, I think Kiehl's has a certain kind of packaging that is neutral enough for both men/women to buy. For example, their Abysine serum is in a blue bottle, a bit darker but somewhat similar to this packaging.

Anyhow, it seems that I do not want to use something because it is targetted for a male public (I often don't, btw). I might reconsider, because this seems quite efficient and absolutely travel friendly! And, the ingredients will probably be similar as for the female market. Often, it is just a case of marketing something similar in a different jacket.

The box offers a varied instruction for some of the main Western Languages available.

What I often find a bit iffy about packaging is that it seems that you get a lot of product, when is not so much. I wonder why these companies do is not quite environmental-friendly.


The instructions:


The bottle is a stronger-plastic version. It has that fresh blue/silver appearance that is on the box as well. It contains 15 ml or 0.5 fl. oz.



The novelty thing I explained is that it actually is dispensed as a powder. It also stays powdery on the skin, until you smooth it in with your finger.

See, it becomes a soft, dewy cream after the movement of the application (you can still see the parts I did not rub in, below, which still has some powder consistency)


I absolutely love the idea of a powder-turns-cream. Somewhat, I believe that it keeps the vitamine C ingredients fresher. And think about taking this with you when flying: it is not a liquid, so you can carry it around without placing it in those plastic bags being scrutinised by security on airports. Plus, you can take another liquid within that tiny 100 ml range instead, which leaves more room for you to stay somewhat pretty and representable during and after a long flight.

I cannot do a full review yet, because it needs some road-testing first. However, I like the idea of powder-to-cream, and I even think of considering buying that Poudre Matte Refiner the saleswoman recommended, because I tested it on my t-zone and it made me unbelievably matte.

I am still a bit iffy that it is a line targetted for men, because I like a bit of girliness in my products.

However, if you like to think of buying some skincare for the men or boys in your life, who do not like girly colours and things, but still like to groom themselves, I believe this powder thing can be fun for them too.

And honestly, most men do not wear makeup and are not able to fake a good-night sleep as us girls can, so they probably need their undereye creams more than we do ;P

The products are available online (here), and they ship all around the world (and the site has an English and Spanish language option).


Elvira said...

Damn! Now I want this and the Matte Powder. I should never read your blog. I get too many lemmings!

Sugar Lamp said...

You are right to doubt using this product as skin formulations for men and women can be very different.

However, are you aware that this product has been tested on animals?