Saturday, 27 February 2010

Products with extra UV Protection

Ha ha, the dodgy title of today's post is not the most catching and inspiring one. Still, after another week of being an OL (office Lady) I just had to write something on my dear blog, even though I do not have any exiting new news to bring.

I still want to show you one of my latest sets I am really curious about. I have read so much on Diorsnow from the famous beautybloggers online (Oh..Pretty and Fuzkitty are quite enthousiastic about it) that I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a trial set on I still want to try it first before I splurge on a new product, if possible.

It contains a tonic-kind lotion, a serum, a sunscreen and a powder foundation in a really matching colour.

All of these products have a high level of UV protection against the ageing sunrays...

The next powder compact with UV protection is from VOV: VOV White UV cover pact SPF 50+ in 23.

One of my commentors asked to make a mini-review of it when I posted a picture of it in this post. And yes, it fall under my title that it has UV protection, and a lot of it, according to the description: SPF 50 ++ and PA +++

It has the size of a larger mobile phone. It has a beautifully pearly white exterior. I think it looks both rather sophisticated and still fresh.

The compact has a double layer when opening. The top part contains a powder puff, so you can store your puff rather conveniently in the top part.

The lower part has the powder foundation. It looks much paler on this picture than in real life.

I picked colour no 23, which was the darkest colour of the selection (here). I found it to be the right dept of colour, however, I also find it to be a bit too yellow, as I am a neutral to cool toned Caucasian woman. Still, I like the yellowness in the foundation during the cold winter I encountered, because I had lots of redness in my face, and around the nose, so the yellowness cancelled out the redness efficiently

My colouring:
I am a rather pale Caucasian woman, or, it sometimes seems that I am paler than the rest when I walk in the cosmetic store in the Netherlands, and most foundations offered always seem too dark for me.
In Great Britain I seem to have more luck when I browse the cosmetic departments, as I often find that they cater for lighter skintones as well. I even find lots of foundations offered to be too light. In the Netherlands, in contrast, they only seem to cater for the slightly tanned women.

The compact has a light to medium old-fashioned powder scent, which wears off after wearing it for 5 minutes.

One of the benefits of the texture of the powder is that it zaps up the oiliness that I have in my t-zone. It also blurred out the unflattering view of larger pores. It lasted for an average period. I had to reapply after approximately 3 a 4 hours (the t-zones).

The coverage is rather light. I would not wear this as a foundation product on its own, because it does not have the strenght to cancel out my irregularities. Still, as a blotting powder for an combined skin and to reduce the redness of the nose it is quite efficient. Thus, it is absolutely suitable to carry around.

Sun protective powers:
I am not quite sure yet, because the feeble winter rays have not been sufficient enough to make a judgement. However, I would not take the chance to use a foundation alone as a sun protector, even if it says it really has a high protection. I prefer to use a real sunblock underneath and still have some extra protection from the foundation. So I cannot say that much about its UV protection.

It comes quite cheap when ordering on gmarket: It only costs $10.59 AND you will get a gorgeously scented lipgloss of your choice (out of 4 colours) with it. Well, that is a better deal than I would get in the local drugstore. Still, gmarket is not cheap with shipping, so it only makes a good deal when you already have some things to order from gmarket, and you can add this as an extra.

It is absolutely a good deal when you have NC 25 kind of undertone, or lighter when you pick colour no 21. It is efficient enough to blot the oiliness away, and it is absolutely not irritating. The downside is that you order it by gmarket, which can be a bit of a hassle for some.