Friday, 19 February 2010

Chanel Allure lipstick in 74: Comedia

This has been a busy week at the office. I have been typing so many documents that I would almost neglect the blog. My boss had a lot of orders that had to be dealt with this week, so I helped her with the extra work. I cannot bear to see the copymachine or the printer for the weekend right now...LOL

Working overtime can be helpful because you will earn a bit more. So I have been purchasing a lipstick this week. The glamourous Chanel Allure lipstick in Comedia.

Comedia is a more natural colour of the Allure line. Chanel Allure has some stronger colours that look absolutely stunning. I chose the Comedia colour for its pink colour with a cool tone in it.

Chanel absolutely knows how to make the lipstick look luxurious...the Chanel logo in the lipstick itself just wispers elegance.

The colour is a beautiful pink with a rose, cool undertone. It looks bright on my pale complexion, but it merges into a delicate and subtle hint of pink on the mouth.

My Chanel Comedia...such a beautiful new acquisition in my arsenal of lipsticks!


Jess said...

The color looks really beautiful! Very classy and elegant I think.

I have had one Chanel lipstick years back, when I was still in school, and I really loved it (but I forgot which color I had), until I lost it somewhere. :/

So, I never purchased any lipsticks from Chanel until now again for some reason. Yet, I have purchased lots of Lèvres Scintitllance Glossimers! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

love the color! it's one of the color i would wear most of the time :D

Jamilla Camel said...

That colour looks sensational against your pale skin!!

Old Cow said...


I have yet to try a "proper" Chanel lippy. But I can say that the Rouge Laque in Ming is my HG!

Elvira said...

That color is awesome! Why have I not seen it before? I MUST have it!(if this comment looks familiar it's because I just left the same comment under your sheet mask review. LOL I'm a dork)