Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentining myself: gmarket haul

What a lovely and well-timed day to receive my gmarket haul again: The day before Valentine and Chinese New Year!!!

So, what did I buy this time? I bought a variety of things: a dairy, a blusher, a compact foundation, a t-shirt and the adorable Hello Kitty hand cream from Etude House.

Yes, the adorable hand cream I coveted from Etude House.

I placed a MAC lipgloss next to it in order to show the size. It is an adorable mini size ideal for carrying around.

Etude House did not gave me any freebies, unfortunately. I probably did not buy enough from them. I am a bit dissapointed by this, because I have seen several bloggers online blogging about their Gmarket haul from etudegmark and they got TONS of freebies...

The seller is Etudegmark, item nr.1 76327913 and you can find it over here.

Some sellers do give out freebies, such as this dinky little fellow, who is a part of a couple of pens I received when buying a planner:

Don't you think he looks like the Tin man from the Wizard of Oz who got his heart? Or one of those robots from those old-school science fiction series of the 1970s.

The pens themselves really write good as well! They are not your average BiC, and they almost glide over the paper...

The diary I chose for this year is a dainty peachy colour with this adorable puppy badge.:

Woof, he is wearing a turquoise neckband:

This was listed as the C033 wishing smile diary-pink, item number 131360394 from seller 박스앤캔 (listed here).

Ofcourse, I am still the blush and makeup addict...thus I placed a baked blush in my cart from Prorance in M 16.

The name of the blush is a bit Korealish: "finish water glow"...I do not know how to connect this with a lovely flush on the cheeks...

I haven't tested it yet, but I am sure it will look like a lovely blush. I have seen some other colours from Prorance swatched online, and they looked so glowy without these obvious glitter particles that do not look so flattering on me.

I also needed a compact foundation for carrying around in my bag. So I chose the VOV White UV cover pact SPF 50+ in 23.

It was quite cheap (approximately $10) and it came with a free lipgloss in the colour of your choice. (the Color Song Glossing)

These are from seller VOVcare under item nr.132921435.

The next lovely sweetie is a pasport holder from Jetoy. This cute black cat has the ability to blink, depending on how you hold your pasport.

Eyes closed

From this angle she has her eyes opened. Awww:

Jetoy items are easily available on ebay, but I bought this one from seller 스타일지 156814382)

One of my favourite Korean Brands Lotree has a new spring collection, and it looked attractive enough to purchase as well:

The compact is based on mineral powder. The purple compact in the middle is a sort of brightener/highlighter product, and the pink poofy thing on the right is a blush.

Three boxes...I actually expected a freebie from the seller, as they are normally so generous. But this time I just have to settle with the things I ordered. Mmmmm....frugal times, I'll guess.

I bought this from seller 제니 e-shop, 177368251 (here).

I told you I bought a tshirt too, but I haven't made a picture of it yet...

So, I have a couple of new things to test and I will review some of these items soon.

As for this weekend: I wish everybody a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and a lovely Valentines day.


Emily said...

wah~ great stuff u got :)

love all the stuffs....especially the hello kitty so cute!!! i never knew etude house has that

oh oh and im curious about the VOV UV cover pact, can u do a review or tell me about it? thanks!! would be greatly appreciated

and happy valentines and chinese new year to u too!!

Vanilla said...

nice haul!!i really have to figure out how to buy from gmarket
so tempting

PinkyKathy said...

great haul!!!! I can't wait for your review on LOTREE. I have heard so many good things about their BB cream, but not those pact you got.

Anyway, I am having a blogsale, please feel free to visit my blog. ^__^

ning * star said...

etude house HK collection is very cute. but till now I still didn't see any HK items at my local etude house store yet >.<

Old Cow said...


Does this mean that you will be postign reviews soon? I do so love your reviews