Sunday, 22 November 2009

New brand venture: Lakmé eyeshadow quad Peacock

Doesn't it feel good to receive something you have been dying to get your hands on?

There she is: My brand new Lakmé palette in Peacock.

Well, this friday I was so happy to receive my anticipated package from India containing Lakmé goodies. I had a small order, because I had absolutely no experience with the etailer before and I could not find that much feedback on it on internet either. I was delighted to find that delivered within two weeks. My package was packed with the greatest care securing everthing in bubblewrap and those white foamy blocks (see picture).

I ordered a small order venturing on the eyeshadow palette I had been seeing on Jamilla's blog before, and the matte lipstick from the Bridal Sutra range.

I will take a look at the Bridal Sutra lipstick in another post. Today I will show you the Peacock palette and some swatches.

As you can see, the palette is a mix of earth tones and some bright colours on the bottom. Normally, I stick to a eye without much makeup, or bring out some neutral shadows in order to give my eyes a bit of extra depth.

However, a lovely person commented that I could do something more adventurous with my eyes as well: she was the vividly made up person at the Mac counter, so that says it all...

However, she has a point so I think makeup is really wonderful do give your face that extra touch, and you can wash it off at night. That is better, to me, than having my hair dyed purple of blue...he he. (still, I want to have raven blue hair one day....)

I thought this palette would be a good combination between neutral and bold. And, I think they would flatter me better than having my hair coloured dark blue...

Now to the swatches:

The first colour is a wonderful rusty bronze with a brown undertone. The shadows are nicely pigmented and they are soft and buttery as well. I swiped one or two times in order to get the swatches in this intensity.

Colour 2 is a maroon tone with a pink sheen. I love these types of colours for my green eyes.

Colour 3 is an intensly vivid blue. It truelly reminds me of Bollywood makeup that looks so gorgeous on brown eyes. I am not sure it will look good on me, but I think I can make an eyeliner out of it and trace it delicately for that rebellious pop of 80s vibe on my eyes.

The colour on the far right is a delightful emerald green.

Another picture to clarify the intensities:

My camera is often too stubborn to pick up a sharp definition of all the colours. So I made an extra shot of the bright colours in order to show how they look.

I find it fantastic news that I am able to buy Lakmé online, although I would be more than happy to go to India once and find it in the department stores.

The price is so amazingly cheap for the quality you will get. I bought the entire eyeshadow palette for $14.95 INCLUDING shipping. And the shipping is not in a flimsy envelope that will put your lovely goodies into danger of breaking. No, it is securedly packed in a big box with all the extra protection possible.

I will absolutely buy the Purple Oasis palette and possibly the Moondust palette as well. The purple Oasis palette seem like a mix of fabulous purples and the Moondust are a combinations of whites, greys and blacks, which are so suitable for a mysteriously smokey eye.

Oh, Jamilla has created a look with her peacock palette over here, so you can see how the colours will look with brown eyes.


Jenn said...

ooo, what a gorgeous palette and great price as well =)

Anonymous said...

this is the brand i really want to try and the exact item too! gosh, i went to the site 3 times after reading your post. you have just created another lemming. lol

i bookmarked it and will probably be only getting it after i go to sydney as i don't want any more stuff around me... :)

Music said...

Very beautiful. My cousin-in-law's wife is Indian, so I might ask her to get it for me the next time she goes home. :)

Elvira said...

How beautiful! What wonderful colors! I now have a new lemming! Thanks for the great pictures & post!

Jamilla Camel said...

I bought the same Palette in India for £4.00, used it twice, and am now selling it for £2.00 on my blog sale!!

I also have other Lakme Lipsticks too, including a sheer one that you might like better, for £1.00 each.

You should have told me you wanted some Lakme...I was in India for 2 weeks!