Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fasio PU-3 swatches & Prettypanda's scarvelicious haul

What a week! I had the pleasure to celebrate my first year's anniversary as Birkinbagbeauty! I gave a giveaway and had my 200th follower as well.

I had a request from Blair to swatch my latest acquisition of eyeshadow: my lovely Purple Fasio palette PU-3 I had proudly showcased in this post. I love my readers and I think Blair is fantastic. You should check out her blog if you haven't done that yet.

I really like the name Blair as well, for the odd reason that ........Blair is my favourite character in Gossip Girl...he he. I think her twisted 'relationship' with dark boy Chuck is so brilliantly portrayed in a teen-meets-adult kind of way that it appeals to women beyond the age of ...ehm...twenty as well. I could go on why the beyond-teenager-age women like me still watch the odd serie of Gossip Girl every now and then, but hey, this is a beauty blog so I will return to the beauty part ;P

I have tried to swatch and photograph my palette perfectly with the right light, etc...but I failed a bit because of the autumny weather. I will still publish them, because I should give Blair and other readers a look of how the colours are in swatched glory. So here they are.

The colour on the left is a glittery cream. The next three colours are soft, buttery powder colours. The last colour (dark) is intended for eyelining, thus suitable to use with a liquid, and a hard texture.

The next picture is made in natural, cloudy daylight. The colours are swatched in the order of the palette itself.

This picture has been made with flash-light. The far right colour is a dark eggplant colour, thus not a black colour, and contains some glitters. I am sorry for this poor picture, but my camera only seemed to focus on the lighter colours on the left, so I could not photograph this properly.

Again, sorry for the poor quality of these pictures. I hope it still gives some impression of the colours.

My personal impression of this palette is quite positive.

I love the texture of the three colours in the middle, as the quality is buttery and they hardly crease on the eyes.

The glittery cream on the left is ok, however, glittery creams are a bit useless as I hardly use them.

The darker eggplant eyeliner is such a brilliant colour for people who think that black eyeliner is a bit too harsh and brown eyeliner too soft (and colour, well, too eighties??). The eggplant hue is fantastic for making green, blue and hazel eyes pop a bit. The glitter is not obtrusive for more mature or OL makeup purposes. I would recommend using it with a wet substance, for example with Mac mixing medium, a homemade mixing medium or distillated water.

I have to show you something clotheswise as well. I purchased this scarf from etsy lately, from the sweetest seller named Prettypanda. Ulung from Prettypanda is such a dear and is excellent in the communication with the seller. She notices when you add one of her scarfs as your favourites and does her ultimate best to make the purchase as fine as possible.

I love a nicely packed present, even when I gave it to myself ;D

So many ways to tie up your scarf...amazing! These instructions are very helpful. I normally just throw on a scarf and always envy the girls who have these perfectly tied neckscarves. Now I can be one of them...yey!

I bought the Rosy Morning Scarf...a composition of colours that remind me of a perfect sunrise (often not seen in this tiny Northern country with murky weather). The scarf is thin enough to wear for the summer (I brought it with me on holiday, and it was perfect as a sarong, headscarf or protection against overzealous sunrays). I love it for unpredictable autumn weather as well.

Ulung from Prettypanda included TWO amazing freebies...a couple of hair accessories that would not look unfamiliar on Blair from Gossipgirl...sweet little ribbon clips with cherries on the fabric!

Wow, and this pink rose!!!

Her scarf and everything from her shop will not exceed the $15 price tag.

Overall, I am really enthousiastic about Prettypanda. (why else would I blog about it?)

So my dears, I hope you will have a wonderful sunday and I hope the weekend gave you the rest or excitement (or both) you wished you had.


ning * star said...

aww... the palette is so beautiful. i love colors with gradation :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

the colors of the palette look nice.. and the scarf too..

Blair said...

Thank you so much for reviewing this palette, Birkie!!! I've been waiting impatiently for your review haha! I haven't decided on which colour to get yet. Any particular recs?

PS: Blair is my favourite Gossip Girl character as well!

Anna said...

That is a very pretty purple palette, I love purple a lot...and I can see that the fourth colour is your favourite, at least from the photo it appears to have been used the most! The package is so cute, I love giving presents to myself, hehe! xx

izumi said...

very pretty palette :) and i love the scarf illustration! very pretty!

Anonymous said...

OoOO that palette is gorgeous~ im a sucker for purple!

Mary in Wonder said...

I love Gossip Girl too! ^.^ And I'm over 20.....sadly

Citrine said...

Well, all the people in that show (beside Jenny) are over twenty anyway...

I like(d?) that show a lot but now I just go sick of them running out of scandalous topics (things were so much better back in first seasons) ...I remember in a forum I saw a comment about Vanessa looking like a female version of Antonio Bandera and I can't take Vanessa ever since.

sizbelle said...

the fasio palette is pretty, i havent really gone into purple shade yet. maybe i should try one this seems nice.

the chart changes the way i look at scarf, i always tot there could only be one way to wear them like on you neck... maybe i should check this seller since the price tag is quite friendly.

Popcorn said...

yaaa....yet another beautiful-looking palette!! soo pretty!

Mona said...

what a beautiful palette! i wonder how i missed out on it =X

Angela said...

hey girl

i tagged you for an award