Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pearls from Jamilla and CalicoGarden's loveliness

I have an important milestone coming up:

Tomorrow is my 1st year anniversary of the blog!

I will write about that point tomorrow, because I will have to organise a GRANDE giveaway, tradition!

First, dear Jamilla from had a fantastic sale of her great products. I bought the Guerlain Meteorites Mythic from her, and I had it waiting for me when I came back from the hols...

Isn't the box gorgeous? It matches my flowery blouse I put under it as the background.

Pearls Mythic...indeed.

Lovely pearls from the UK. I think I am not white enough for it right now, but in the winter I often fade away a bit, so the pearls could be brilliant to give my skin a bit of sparkle (it makes a wonderful body powder for clubbing as well, however, I do not go clubbing as much as I would like to).

I also had this Kose Fasio palette waiting for me when I came home. Purples, again...The cooler variety...

The next package was so exquisitely packed, so delicate and so beautiful! I bought a hair goodie from CalicoGarden at

I love her banner as well...its texts attracted me instantly.

"For all kind spirits, goddesses and bellydancers".

Ok, I do not consider myself to be a goddess nor a bellydancer, although I could work on the bellydancer part, but I hope to be a kind spirit. So I love the spirituality of the shop. And look how much love she put in the packaging, the card, the handwriting, the making of the hairclip: it's exquisite!

This card is so cute

wow, I love handwritten beats emails or mobile texting everytime

Zippers are big in fashion this fall, and I am a bit creative, but not as creative as I would like to be. So I support the economy (LOL, that is my excuse for buying cute things) and bought this supercute zipper-flower from CalicoGarden.

I adore accessories: it is such a fab way to spark up any blah or humdrum or basic outfit and lift it up to something more original.

See you tomorrow and have a splendid rest of the weekend!


♥akisa♥ said...

woooo can't wait to see a FOTD with the mythic meteorites! What shade does mythic give you? I was thinking of buying beige but can't decide between mythic and beige...

ning * star said...

nice haul!

Blair said...

Birkie dear, please review your Fasio palette! And please do compare it against other drugstore Japanese palettes! I was swatching this range from Fasio today and I'd love to hear your thoughts before getting them haha!

Vanilla said...

nice haul !hehe
that guerlain meteorites is so cute,dont knot if its more like a hilite pr blush

Music said...

The zipper flower is so unique!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love the Fasio and the zipper flower!!

Akisa: you are very pale, so Mythic will look great on you!

Suria said...

im ur 200 follower! hhahahah...i love ur zipper flower! i love love huge flower accessories...hehehe..


Jenn said...

ooo the purple palette looks lovely.

Love the zipper flower. I saw something similiar this week but def not as cute as the one you got =)

Anna said...

The Guerlain pearls are so pretty inside and outside, aren't they? One of the best items to prettify a bathroom/dresser/vanity table (whatever!) ever made. in my opinion! And your zipper-flower is such a fun and stylish hair decoration, good choice! xx

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

omg!!!that is soooo nice to stare at..hahaha.very pretty..guerlain do have nice packaging..very feminine.looks like an ornament.and very nice accessory!!

izumi said...

oh how fabulous!! love it all :)