Thursday, 10 September 2009

Kanebo Lavshuca Dual Eyes in PU-2 (and Kate Diamond Cut PU-1)

Most cosmetic brands have been releasing their colour collection of the Autumn 2009 season around this moment. With the release of the latest colours of the Autumnal season, I was drawn to a couple of purple shades from Japanese brands. I had already purchased the latest Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut eyes in PU-1 (which I haven't swatched yet...ooops, I will show you the swatches at the end of the post).

I was still curious for the latest release of Lavshuca's Dual Eyes in a new duo of purples, even though I have my modest share of purple eyeshadows now. After being on a buy-diet for a while, I though it would be ok to purchase this duo of eyeshadows...

Ohh, I still adore the promo-picture of Paul & Joe's spring line of base products. I would almost get bangs in order to look like that stunning girl, however, bangs and me are not the best combination.

Kelly from ichibankao also included these samples of Esprique Precious lipglosses. That is so nice, because I merely ordered a the eyeshadow palette. I am wearing the reddish nude colour (right on the card) now, and it is slightly sticky and quite pigmented for a Japanese lipgloss. I already like this shade, pigmentation and texture.

Back to the real deal of this precious new duo palette. Lavshuca does not have the most expensive packaging (a euphinism for a cheap looking box) but I love the girly shapes of the little palette.

Inside is a shimmery composition of two colours...a lighter colour in a whitish lavender shade and a deep cooler purple colour, which mixes amethyst with purple.

Yikes, there is my lizardy skin again (yes, I radiate self-confidence ;p). I think my skin would be the nightmare of any Japanese girl and I think, if I would ever visit Japan, I would wear skyscraper heels in order to be really tall and not let the persons with perfect complexions watch my skin. (boohoo, and I take such good care of it)

On the other hand, with my imperfect skin it is great to see how the pigmentation of the Lavshuca duo works on the more mature eyes. The first swatches were taken in direct sunlight and the next swatch in indirect light (still sunny).

The deeper colour is, in my opinion, incredibly pigmented and buttery. I love this colour so much and it would make such a wonderful crease and liner colour, or over the whole moving eyelid for kapow-smokey eyes.

The lighter colour is not a me-colour. It can look good in a blended manner, but it would look to grandma-esque on me. The pigmentation is also a lot lighter...unfortunately.
Another lovely purple palette I bought from Kanebo Kate is the new PU-1 of the Diamond Cut Eyes.

If you love cooler purples, like I do, you will only get 2 of the 5 colours that would be something of your liking.
It costed me about $20, which gives me two stunning purples and one workeable white shade (in the right upper corner). Glittery fans will love the Diamond part of it (wavy in the palette, on the left upper side), however, they will be useless IMO.

I like the pigmentation of the Kate Kanebo light purple and the darker purple, however, I think Lavshuca looks better on, pigmentation-wise. On the other hand, I prefer the colour scheme of the Kate colours.

Those were my swatches of a couple of the latest Kanebo Kate and Lavshuca purples.

How do my dear readers feel about the fall collections of the Japanese brands, or the Western brands? Have you found your HG product in these collections, or do you prefer the collection of a particular brand from another season or year?


Old Cow said...

oooooooooh thank you for the swatches. I have been ever so curious about these two lovelies. I am funny with purples....A bit of a goldilocks actually! It has to be just right! Else I look like I have just gone 10 rounds with my shader brush

Blair said...

I agree with you! Lavshuca's packaging is very mehh

Lavshuca: The darker shade looks a tad grey-ish! Me likey this duo :)

Kate: The darkest shade looks similar to a shadow that I own from Lancome.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the swatches! I got the Autumn BK-02 palette from Kate, and I really like it.

Lavshuca: it's a bit ho hum to me...

Yumeko said...

i dont tend to use enough things from lavshuca but the packaging is gorgeous of cos

autumn wise, i am still slowly going through a phase of buying random colors for my autumn look so i have no idea wat i prefer or love yet [i know i am so strange]

Munchie said...

Hi there. Thanks for the review and for sharing your thoughts on the palettes!

For Japanese brands, I'm really loving the RMK Autumn Mystique collection as well as the Lunasol Star Shower Eyes. For Western brands, I find the Givenchy poetique eyeshadows very pretty and versatile.

Sadly, I've yet to find my HGs for any products this fall :(

Mary in Wonder said...

I like the two purple/lilac in the KATE palette, although the glittery part looks simply a filler for me >< aww I love Kate stuffs!
I haven't tried Lavshuca shadows. The packaging is tooooo much for me @_@ And I don't fancy paying for a double e/s when I can get a four or five color palette for a bit more. The greyish blue (purple?) looks good, but they should have paired with another color. This "white" is such a nothing there color X_X

Alex said...

japanese are really good at making money aren't they? all the palette looks delicious! But i only have a pair of eyes!


Thepunkcat said...

I love both western and japanese brands, but I think this fall09 the european brands have launched outstanding collections. Japan wins in winter, though. I usually love all the Xmas boxes they release!

freshelle said...

love the kate kanebo colors!!

anyways, i was reading your skincare posts and i found it very informative. i too suffer from overly sensitive skin (and sometimes ezcema) so I have to be extra careful when i use new products. sucks..but what can you do right.

thanks for the reviews!