Monday, 7 September 2009

Back to School giveaway

It is time for a new giveaway.

I am not the kind of person to break any promises, and I had promised the readers of this blog a 'Back to School' giveaway. And no, this giveaway is not limited to the school-ster only, it applies for everybody who has once been at a school/college/university and recognizes the feeling that comes with returning or going to school for the first time.

This might vary from having a feeling of anticipation, others are reluctant, some are exited and some even are afraid of going back to school. Others have nostalgic feelings of how their mother brought them to school, some feel attached to how they went to secundary school for the first time, and some think of the smell of chalkboard and dust (nowadays that would be the scent of computers and the typing board).

Enough about that...lets discuss the prices you can win.

1. Paul & Joe summer 2009 Gold bronzer in 01 Deity (post here). Very pretty, I only tested it once for the blog and to swatch it for the blog. I like it, but other bronzers work better from me.

2. China Glaze Nailpolish in Strawberry Fields. Brand new, I just ordered two of them instead of one.

3. Becca Beach Tint in Raspberry Summer 2009 edition, that is Australian summer (which is during the december/januari months). I swatched it for the blog (post here) and used it another time, however, I wanted to love it so much but it is just not the kind of colour that flatters me. Very hygienic tube.

4. Marbled (baked) blush from Second Love in Sunset.

5. Manglaze Nailpolish in Fuggen Ugly.Matte nailpolish is the next best thing in nailpolish next season. Manglaze has been a trendsetter since 2007 so you will get the original of matte polish in a slate grey colour.(more info over here and here)

6. Theme fragances in Sarong...roller. It is a summery scent but in a neutral setting, combining coconut notes with vanilla laced through. It is one of most popular fragances. Perfect for maintaining the summery and carefree spirit even when you are behind your desk during the blurry fall season.

Those are the deals...these are the rules (ok ok, not strictly rules, but the guidelines):

1. become a follower of my blog, or leave your email behind in the comment (if you feel safe about it). I do not want followers just for the giveaway, so you can join even if you do not follow my blog. I just want to contact the right winner when the winner has been drawn.

2. I am all about anecdotes, so tell me the story that sums up the feeling of back-to-school for you. If it is too traumatic you can tell me anything else...just post it under no 2.

3. Contest ends on Thursday, 17 September 2009, 1 PM European standard time, GMT +1)

4. Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by

5. Please contact me with 3 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!
Prize will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 3 business days after winner contacts me!
I am looking forward to your story in the comments!

Good luck and I hope you will have fun participating!!!!


Beauty Snap said...

1. Hi Birkie! I'm your loyal follower :) Loving the new layout btw.. cute.
2. Sigh back to school... the thing I look forward to the most is the school supplies shopping. The sheen of the new plastic folders to later be torn apart from use, the crisp sheets of leaf paper to be scribbled on, and the rigid binders to be ripped and bent from hauling around. However my love for new stationary and supplies suddenly diminished after I found out the long lines that would encircle the entire Staples (popular office supply store in USA) during the first few days school started for the many surrounding towns. I only once was patient enough to endure the long queue that wasted away about two precious hours in the evening for I had no binders to use for a new and first year in high school. Now I don't feel the urge to buy new things, I don't wish to line up around the whole store for an entire evening and I will reuse my old binders for the sake of being ecological. Hopefully for the last year of high school those folders and binders will last.

Phew. Thanks for the giveaway and hope you enjoyed my somewhat.. depressing story! But the moral in the end was good I suppose. Good luck to all!

ning * star said...

hihi... i'm your follower since...i found your blog <3
talking about back to is so busy and I'm still busy non-stop with my lab/thesis bacteri even it was already 3weeks.Head spinning with the time line and all of a sudden, my mid sem break will be started again @-@
I'm so frustrated because my thesis research is half way done now and yet there will be holiday again by next week...weird school system (faint :p)

thank you for holding such a sweet giveaway <3

Lisa Kate said...

1. Hey doll! I've been a follower for awhile now!
2. I always love starting a new semester of school! I always get that fun, butterfly feeling. I'm going to be a middle school English teacher. I have only one more year left, I can't wait to begin start teaching kids.

My first day of high school was OMG so horrible! I was a little "punk" rocker back then and my hair was freshly bleached. Of course, I wanted to be a cool kid and everything so before my first class I met some girls in the bathroom to smoke...and what do ya know? MY HAIR CATCHES ON FIRE!!! So I'm jumping around and no one knows what to do and (because I am just so unbelievably scared) I stick my head in the toilet. I'm cringing thinking about this!!! I walk out of the bathroom with sopping wet, smelling like burnt hair. People never got over it. I saw my friend a few months ago from highschool (I graduated 4 years ago) and she goes "remember when you lit your hair on fire?!"

That pretty much sums up school for me! Full of Lisa Kate clumsiness!

CherieKoala said...

Hi there, I'm a follower of your for awhile already.
For me, back-to-school feeling is mixed with happiness and sadness. Happy is to see my friends again, but sad is to go over with the boring lectures again~!

Remember the first day I started my college life in different country, it was totally suck in class, sometimes the teachers tell jokes in class using their languages, which I don't understand at all, all class were laughing while I'm the only maintain slient, as if I'm apathy. However those times passed, and now I already graduated. Sure I missed those time.

Thanks for such nice giveaway! =)

jinxbea said...

Hey sweetie!

oh back to school... in the philippines its like christmas is approching since all moms are busy shopping for school supplies.. new uniforms... new shoes.. new bags. but when i was still in school i always look forward to meeting my schoolmates and new friends as well...

thats it.... godbless!

Nina said...

Hi! Already a follower, been reading your blog for quite some time now. :)

I remember whenever school is about to start I get a little nervous. Not nervous scared but nervous excited! I love shopping for new supplies and the smell of new books and notebooks really gets me in the zone. I love seeing my old friends and we were always excited to find out who our teachers will be!

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Dina (XYYan) said...

1. Hi, i've been your follower for awhile..
2. I'm going to back to school now, well, it's university. For me, it's just another lecture day, nothing more. But i love my high school time, when i got to see my buddies after holiday.

Thanks for this giveaway!

rayqueenbee said...

Hi dear, I'm a follower of your blog for a while now.
Back to school for me is always about going into the zone where you know that you'll be up all night studying or finishing a project rather than watching that fave movie or chillin with friends, even for the weekends time is limited in spending with frens because of projects and so forth, but mostly what I enjoyed about back to school is the shopping experiences. Shopping for cool school accessories and clothing is awesome and also I love shopping and sharing my school supplies.


gosugirl said...

I've been reading your blog for some time, but I don't know how blogspot works as far as following goes.

Anyways, back to school always reminds be of fresh school supplies and that slight nervousness about the coming year. Now that I'm a college student, part of me anticipates seeing my friends and the other part dreads the reading and projects. But there is always school shopping!!

Btw, keep the good work up w/ the blog. I love reading it!

Connie said...

1. e-mail is
2. What sums up the feeling of back to school for me? Well, it's not exactly a really happy story but I know summer is winding down when I go shopping and stores have all those "BACK TO SCHOOL" signs for clothing or school supplies. Then I know I have to start thinking about buying books (so I can get them cheaper and not be ripped off by the college bookstore) and what I need to pack. Every time I go out to the store the question "do I need to buy anything to bring to school?" always needs to be answered and my mom starts asking me what I want her make so I can bring it with me. Summers are always too short...sigh

Thanks for the contest!

Ria said...
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Ria said...

Hi! I'm a loyal reader and follower of your blog, thru my google reader!

I'm always excited to go back to school! There were some subjects that I really love and look forward to them. Also I get excited to be with my friends again.

More power to you! :)

Eve said...

back to school, as a PHd student all I can think of is how my library access will be stopped as soon as the new term comes in. arghhh seriously need those books in the library and I can't get in coz my library access is expiring... ok.. no more moaning

mint said...

already a follower

back-to-school for me is a mix of like and hate. it's feels like finally my life is not getting waste, i'm getting things done, life is moving on. And hate for all those homework!! assignments!! long days!! boring classes! the best is i love getting the chance to stock up on new supplies, getting a new cute pencil case and bag, makes everything feel fresh and new. so everything will be wonderful!

Mary in Wonder said...

1) Hi~ I'm a follower...for a while now =)
2) I just came back to school (college) Yesterday...for a third degree. And in the evening I got depressed: why am I doing this? I have 2 diplomas already, I don't wanna go to classes anymore! But LOL I'm surrounded by 18 years old teens XDD Crazy!
Still, it's a bit like I'm young and not a 23 y-o hag! Bwahaha
That's it, I think....

Luca said...

1. Already a follower! :)
2. I have such a strange relationship w/school ... like in the few weeks leading up to the beginning of school, I am wicked excited and that excitement pretty much lasts until the end of Sept. And then once the work starts to pile up and frequent tests are a norm, I long for those peaceful (and lazy) days of summer :/

Sabine said...

1. I just followed your blog. I've been reading for quite a while and always thought I had been a follower. :)
2. I absolutely abhor school right now. I'm turning 24 this year and still in school!!! Needless to say it really gets old. It doesn't help that most of my friends already have jobs and are earning. *jealous* And of course medical school will always be medical school and the workload will always be horrible. LOL I'm lazy bum and probably just tired of all the exams and papers. But to be completely fair it's definitely a unique experience and meeting and treating patients can be truly rewarding. But can it please be easier and more lazy bum friendly?

Eve said...

1) I am a follower. And if you need my email (

2) For back to school, it is great. I am always a bit happy and a bit not because I don't want to be in class all day. But then again it is college and I have free time. only a few classes per day with a few hours. I get to see my friends that I have grown extremely close to. In a few years, they are like family to me and it seems like I have known them forever.

theotherworldly said...

I'm a follower :)

I'm still in school (a little more to college!) and every time when it's back to school I go absolutely mad with preparations -- I will arrange all my books in successive, descending order of size. Not only that I'd make sure all my pen tips face the same way in my pencil case! I would be so anxious in bed that I would oversleep that I would wake up at about 5am (this has happened every year without fail). Right now for me I have preliminary exams before I face the ultimatum of A-levels in November. Wish me luck -- I hope to go to a great university like the smart, smug and sassy Emma Watson!

Thepunkcat said...

I'm a follower! :)
2. Back to school.. this year is being madness for me! I'm studying abroad this next course and I'm happy about it, but I'm feeling reallyy nervous too. It's the first time I live out of my parent's home and I'm going to Ireland...
It has been ages since I spoke in English with somebody and I think I'm going to be so embarrased that I may not talk with anyone 'til I'm back, LoL!

Ti_Amo said...

I'm a follower :)

2. I don't really have a story, but I love the feeling of the excitement of going back to school to meet everyone you didn't party with over the summer!

my email is:

Elvira said...

1) I'm a follower. I thought i was for a while but I guess I wasn't But you know me. :-)

2) When I think of "back to school" I think about the red sweater vest I got for the 1st day of school in the 7th grade. I also got a black & gray plaid shirt to wear w/ the vest and black jeans. My mother decided it all needed to be washed prior to wearing it to school. Not paying attention to the washing instructions everything shrunk. The day I chose to wear it, the sweater vest was too tight, the sleeves on the shirt were at my forearms and the pants barely buttoned. I HAD to wear the outfit b/c I was lectured about HOW MUCH MONEY my parents spent on the new outfit. I wore the outfit to school it was awful on me. The sweater seemed to cling to any roll of fat (real or imagined) on my torso. It was unusually hot that day so I was sweating in my "new" outfit and by the end of the day my back and underarms were damp from sweat. I raced home after school, took off all my clothes, changed into something that hid all my flaws and ripped up the entire outfit. In a fit of tears and sweat I stuffed all the "evidence" into a garbage bag and secreted it under my bed until such time that I could put it in the trash without my parent's noticing. They never once asked me about that outfit nor do I think they even noticed I never wore it past the first day. The 2nd day of 7th Grade is the day I learned how to do my own laundry.

izumi said...

2. back to school to me makes me think of.. driving to class every day, paying for parking fees downtown even though the school is very much established! possibly meeting some new people or seeing people i haven't seen in awhile, being busy and having 2-3 projects to do a week. it all sounds so negative! hahaha :P

bittersweetpea said...

2. to me, Back to school simply means back to life, reality, and being stuck all over again. What happened to everyday being an adventure? Well school never seems to bring any new excitement. Learning new facts, equations, and stories used to be great but now that I've gotta learn to balance homework, tests, and grades with my old habits of procrastination and distraction, school just gives me a feeling of a failure. But i'm looking forward to soccer season! =) And despite the pessimism I still have this tiny hope growing in the corner of my heart for a better year.

Tracy said...

1. I love your blog and I read it on the bus, at work, and at home after work. Everyday. Haha!
2. When I was in teens, I had poofy mushroom hair and I wasn't allowed to have it long so I was jealous of the girls who had nice luscious hair. I had a crush on this guy who hung out with the popular crowds. And whenever he looked at me, I got all the butterflies and get all dizzy. hahaha! There was another few chicks who liked him. We did eventually become really good friends but we never went out. I still blame it on my puffy hair.

Lilly said...

1. my email: eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

2. back to school is a little bittersweet for me. I love to meet my best friends but I don't like to feel the anxiety.

Thanks a lot!

Citrine said...

I generally like going back to school because I tend to miss the lame jokes made by my professors, the smell of old lab equipments and building that smell like hospital...

It also mean that it's time to get new glasses though, my vision get worse every single school year.

Sully said...

Oh the feeling of back to school- a new breeze is in the air and football season is near. The excitement of beginning a new year brews for the final month of Summer.'re slapped with the reality that is school- it sucks, you now have 50 million books too much homework and not enough hours in the day. your life, as you know it, for the next 3 months is over.

That pretty much sums up my feelings about school.

sully DOT christian AT gmail DOT com