Thursday, 17 September 2009

not so happy

Disclaimer: the next post will not contain any happy news or wonderful pictures of cosmetic items. It will, unfortunately, be a public rant on the downside of the human nature of some persons. If you want to stay in a happy mood, or are 'weak at heart', please abandon this page.

After a couple of weeks of miscommunication and persons who think that they know who I am and were I stand, based on feeble information, I felt somewhat angry, but also proud to see how Jamilla Camel handles the situation with her troll (this post).

I, as most readers know, do not post my face on my beauty blog. It has partly to do with my lack of self-esteem, the need to stay semi-anonymous and also, that persons with bad intentions would not use my face for other purposes.

The fact that I want to stay semi-anonymous is that some people feel the urge to pigeonhole you based on certain characteristic, which, personally, I find this very shallow and lacking interest in the real human being behind certain behavioural aspects or characteristics. I like makeup, period, and I am not ashamed by showing a bit of vanity. Does that make me an airhead or does that drop my IQ level with 10 points? I do not think so.

So why am I vain? Well, even the most hardcore non-cosmetic user, anti-vanity person is aware that beauty, health and a reflection of happiness matters in our contemporary societies (Western, Asian, African, etc etc). If my face glows, it makes a better impression than if my face is covered with red splots and weary eyes...although I do not hesitate to do my groceries au naturelle when I do not feel up to do my makeup.

So, for some people I am too vain, and other people would hand me a whole list of 'improvements' I could make to look 'more beautiful', 'more Western' or even...forgive my French...'more pornstar-esque'.

However, I do not think it is valuable to listen to various people too much, because they themselves are hardly consistent in what is beautiful or not (some opinions change as the weather), are sometimes not the persons I consider to be style-icons themselves and blatantly...are not even that important in my life.

People who matter, or the loved ones, are important. My boyfriend often suggest that I should not switch skincare products too much and stick to something that works, as my skin is too sensitive. He is actually very right about this. These suggestions are very helpful and valuable.

As far as blogging, I love to write about products that could actually work for a person with genuine flaws. It is ok to hear a gorgeous, young saleswoman say that the eyecream works for her and her undereye circles, but I doubt if these flawless person actually know and experiences what an undereye circle is...

I also love the blogging community of beautybloggers. We share similar interest in beauty, and often in food and travel as well. It is so nice to see if a Lunasol items gets thumbs up before you splash out on a product you have never seen before in real life.

So, that will be all of my rant for today, and probably the whole year ;P! I will draw the winner of the contest in the afternoon, so I will post the winner in a few hours.

As for now, stay strong and beautiful (your own terms of beauty, that is)


Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Personally, I think Vain is inside everybody, no matter who r u.. just the matter of how u interpreted Vain in yourself ? I agree wif u, it's a reflection of happiness.. as long as we r happy n hurts no one in any ways, insulting and hates r lame... makeup & skincare is our hobby n love. Will u tell a man if he likes his bike or car and he's actually vain ? Or a strong career minded man / woman is vain when he / she loves his / her job n putting every efforts even sharing his / her successful works with people? just something from my mind... hahaha...

izumi said...

people are just bored and hateful, looking for things to pick at on other people to make themselves feel better and more justified somehow. i wish they'd just grow up or self destruct somehow. OR that someone would create a cure for stupidity!!

GlossQueen said...

Some people are sad and miserable and that's why they are so mean, it's like they want everyone else to be miserable too.

Like you, I prefer to read about products from someone who has experience the issue. Like you say, how can someone without under eye circles know what works for them?

Keep up the great work!

Autumn Masquerade said...

It is sad what people will say over the internet when they think they can "hide."

I've gotten a few troll comments myself. It's really not about me (or you or Jamilla, whoever is the recipient) but about the other person and their lack of self esteem and courtesy.

Like you, I think it's important to take care of myself.

Mary in Wonder said...

There are always(!) rude people loving to troll and make one miserable. I think it's okay to give advice to bloggers if they did something wrong...not everybody is an expert. But to be a d*ckehead and hurt her feelings just because you feel so.....argh People are stupid! >__>

Citrine said...

Argh, I wonder how can people pick on you...You don't buy nearly as much as junk (I mean you use all of them and I left my junk scatter around)as I do...nor you dis about certain type of people. (I call people who open package up in the store deliberately cheap and irresponsible "bitch", well because they are.)

Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, so far, I have gotten comments such as "You are racist/stuck up/wasting a hell lot of money/where did you get your money from..."

I don't am not offended at all since I know I am not what she call me. As of being conceited, I couldn't help being one when I hear stupid they are sounding like a mom lecturing how wasteful I am then said "keep up the good job, I like to watch"...Of course I have to tell her to get a real hobby (or a life)...

The thing piss me off is that the people/person who made all that comment kept going back even they hate me as a person.

Music said...

I always do my research and read other people's experience first before buying a product I'm interested in. Nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance and nothing wrong with not wanting to post your pictures. Everyone to their own. I reckon the Troll is an ugly person (both appearance and in heart) that's why he/she is attacking others.

Jamilla Camel said...

Don't be down, Birkie! Trolls are everywhere in life, and it's really a reflection on them, not on you!! They should be outed and exposed, because they are cowards!!

You are a lovely, cultivated person, and caring for yourself hardly means that you're not smart or well-informed about the world at large!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading this post, cause it does totally reflect my opinion. Who thinks that a person who is vain and caring about oneself is low on IQ, is utterly biased.

Hehe, what are the odds - my bf also tells me not to switch my skincare products that often, because he knows too well, how easily my skin reacts. :)