Saturday, 22 August 2009

My gorgeous new colours, and Jamilla's generosity!

  • I haven't been buying that much eyeshadows from Japanese Brands for a while. I haven't been buying much eyeshadows at all in the last couple of months. That was because I had a large collection shades at home, and lately, I could not wear eyeshadow because of sensitivity problems with my eyes.

    However, my eyelids have improved and I was so happy to see some gorgeous new Autumnal collections popping up at my favourite Japanese makeup pusher-sites.

    Let me present to you my new, beloved boxes:

  • Kanebo KATE Diamond Cut Eyes PU-1: a gorgeous palette with lilac and purple shades.
  • Shiseido Maquillage Alexander Wang BR 365: taupes and browns
  • Kanebo KATE Reflect Mirror Eyes GY-1: greys and taupes.

I also bought the supergorgeous Jill Stuart Blush Fresh Apricot 06 from Jamilla Camel.

Jamilla is such and inspiring and fantastic blogger who always has the best features in her blog.

Let's not forget her generosity....wowza. She was soooo sweet of sending me all of this:

A Mac eyeshadow in expensive pink, an eyeshadow pencil in brown and a Paul & Joe pencil in purple. Some decadent skincare sample from KenzoKi, sheet masks and other goodies.

Thank you Jamilla Camel, *HUGS*
My sweetest readers ♥ ♥, I will post some swatches of my newest colour next week (probably at the end of the week) so you will have an idea of how the colours would look like in real life.


Jamilla Camel said...

You got it!! I'm glad it got there fast!

Can't wait to see your EOTDs and swatches!

ning * star said...

ha... the blush is so gorgeous!

MiuMiu said...

oh jamilla is so sweet~
the fresh apricot looks gorgeous, i'm deciding whether or not to get a JS blush now hmm..

Emily said...

wah~ it looks so pretty

great stuff that u got!!

hmm..^_^ cant wait to see the swatched, yay

izumi said...

ooooooooooooo love all the stuff you got xD and how nice of jamilla!!

Keely Valentine said...

they are lovely! I'm trying to collect japanese makeup but sadly its not working well for me!

M said...

hearts to jamilla. the apricot blush is my fave out of all the JS blushers!

Blair said...

Gorgeous palettes! Can't wait for your swatches =D

jojoba said...

I think Jamilla is not only generous but she's got great taste!

Old Cow said...


shhh....we are meeting up soon. I might have to kidnap her!!

sizbelle said...

ohhh nice haul you have there. I'm targetting for the Shiseido Maquillage Alexander Wang palette & you got them already. Show me show me the swatches and EOTD.

you got the blush frm jamilla, she is absolutely sweet with those gifts...

Blovet Beauty said...

tat Jill Stuart Blusher is so pretty & cute!!