Sunday, 16 August 2009

nix'ie, occ lip tars, La Femme

I realised that I had to post some of my new things I ordered at camerareadycosmetics, as I have been putting the note on the side of my blog for more than a week ;p. Ofcourse, I ordered too, two too, two times...(*getting tongtwisted now*)

I like my Nix'ie cosmetics, although the colours on the chart can be quite alternative to what you get (post here). The discount of 40% off lured me in into ordering some more Nix'ie, and while I was putting some items in my card I also put in some of the raved Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars.

My first order was small, which had to do with the shipping policy. Ordering under $60 will mean that you have to pay $12 and from $60 it will be $29. I figured that I would have enough ordering once. It is also safer to order smaller amounts with the Customs policies and Tax department in my country: a package worthy of plenty dollars has a higher chance to be charged with tax, which is not the worst thing, but it will take sooo long for me to receive my items.

I ordered Nix'ie powder blush in Platonic Love, Nix'ie cream blush in Secret Love, Nixie Eyeshadow in Gypsy and my very first OCC lip tar in Grandma.

I made some quick swatches of the colours. I made the pics with flash, so the colours are less shiny or glittery in real life.

First, I have Secret Love for you. It is a glowy soft rose with a slight warm (coral?) undertone. I love it on my cheeks. When you blend it, it makes a highlighter kind-a-shade with a soft colour.

Platonic Love, more love in my life ;D. Platonic love is a tad too glittery for my liking, even though the flash of the camera makes the glitter more dramatic than actually true in real life. However, it makes an awesome eyeshadow shade for me, so it is a keeper. The colour is a soft roasted peach.

Gypsy, I expected more purple from it. It looks like an eggplant colour. It is very matte. I will probably use this as an eyeliner colour.

The CCC Grandma was a fabulous match for the Nails that I wore that day...I wore Essie Cute as a Button.

There have been tons of reviews written about this product, so I am hesitant to review it. However, I will give my two cents. If you do/did a google blogsearch, or stumbled on a review, you often see a very vivid and colour-tastic image. I also found it possible to make a light stain out of it! I find it a product that is easy to work with...but I have read other reviews that found it to be too difficult.

Moreover, the texture is suitable for mature lips! No colour shifting in the lines or a uneven colour for me.
My second order: I wanted a true purple so I settled with the eyeshadow colour in Grape. I also picked up a shade called Cerimony, also an eyeshadow, and added another brand in my cart: La Femme in purple.

I came to realise that I have a couple of light lipglosses that I would love to darken a tad, so I added the blaaack liptar in Tarred in my cart.

I love my Nix'ie Grape eyeshadow, such a lovely purple which will look flattering with my greenish eyes. Nix'ie Ceremony is a Mauve/Rose colour, and I actually think it is more suitable as a blush, although it is wonderful for a mauve look on the eyes as well.

La Femme purple is awful! It flakes, the colour is off, and it spreads so unevenly. Boohoo! Fortunately it was just $3, but what a waste...

I enjoyed the blush from La Femme, so why this monster of an eyeshadow?
I think that camerareadycosmetics has sold most of the Nix'ie right now. However, there were still some colours left.

I also wish they would sell OCC nail polish. OCC's official website does not seem to send them to Europe. I am still very enchanted by Wasibi or Blackboard. Check out Scrangie's blog to see what I am talking about.


BV said...

This is so funny - I was seriously looking at buying some La Femme eyeshadows online - I am so glad you posted this!

I love OCC lip tars as well... although the whole lip plumping thing in it makes my lips look puffy after a while... do you find this a bit drying though? I think it is for me maybe because I don't put that much on... um..

Shopn'Chomp said...

The lip tar matches your nails beautifully :) Wish we had the brand here.

Elvira said...

I must order these OCC Lip Tars! I totally want grandma and tarred and NSFW and Botanical and, and and and! Thanks for the pics!!

Anonymous said...

Platonic Love is not glittery at all by my book. LOL. beautiful. :P