Sunday, 30 August 2009

Fantastically Finnish...

One and a half week ago I stumbled upon a shop with some fantastic home-deco items. I am not that much interested in homely stuff, but I was absolutely mesmerized by this cutest Marimekko toiletbag in lilac and purple colours.

It was not the cheapest makeupbag ever, as Etsy often has cheaper items. However, I think Marimekko is such a fab label and I am enjoying the flowering motives. Plus, the 30% discount was really luring me into buying it.

Marimekko is a Finnish label, so that is a part of the title.
I also received a suprise parcel from Finland as well. I was wondering if I had ordered something, but was a genuine gift from Aileen from Amorevintage.

Awww, that has been such a sweet gesture.

The lipbalm is really lovely for moisturizing, while it is not too obtrusively overscented.

And I think her choice of stationary is absolutely brilliant. Marie Antoinette is such a iconic and contested figure (and beautiful too).

I hope that all my readers will have a brilliant sunday and a wonderful week.


aileen said...

Marimekko! hahah, I like their design too!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love Merimekko too!