Friday, 12 June 2009

Roses are red...or Maroon..

Cynthia, when you come walkin'by
you're an inspirin' sight
Cynthia, you don't smile or say "hi"
but baby that's alright'
Cause I don't need to hold you
or taste your kiss
I just like knowin' Cynthia, you exist at all
in a world like this
Cynthia, when you pass it seems
like this whole town drops
Cynthia, maybe it's just me babe
Some fool stuck here watchin' the clock
Well, you give us a reason to start whisper "why"
To stop singin', baby, and salute your style
Yeah Cynthia

(Cynthia by Bruce Springsteen)

Let me introduce you to my Cynthia...a whimsical and stunning piece of jewellery made by the artistic Aileen from

I spotted this beauty on her jewellery blogsite, and I was completely enchanted by the colour of the rose, the dainty pearls and the Victorian-inspired ladylike-ness of the necklace.

Screenshot of

That was not all: Aileen mailed me a envelope full of lovely extras...Finnish candy, a mystery package....

And matching earrings! That is really handy because I am such a faux-matcher. I have the ability to throw on things at random. I am glad that kind of style is in fashion now, but I also like to have a matching set of earrings that can accompany the loveliness of the necklace.

Mmm, the small white package contained a Finnish soap...

Aileen, thank you so much. Your necklace is gorgeous and it looks fantastic on. I would wear it to a wedding or another romantic event anytime. I think it looks gorgeous on in common settings as well.

♥♥♥ Overall, a real BirkinBagBeauty-piece that I love ♥♥♥


Yumeko said...

ah u are the one who snagged it!
i love this necklace!

Old Cow said...

Beautiful!! Aileen is such a wonderful soul xx

I wonder have you received any other sneaky packages??

ning * star said...

aww, her pieces are very elegant!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Yumeko, Ooops...I snagged before you...sorry

Old Cow,
OMG, are you hinting? Now I cannot wait and going to stalk my mailbox like a madwoman.
I felt a bit like cheating on you when buying from *another* blogger ;)

Ning star,
they are

verina oei said...

i see, u are the one who bought this !i saw this in her blog and i loved this one and blue one but i was late !
i hate u !lolll
jokin of course

aileen said...

Helen! it was you! :D
I see ur blog until now xD !!
I love ur blog! so many goodies and interesting posts! <3

I'm happy that you liked then and came safely to u!

Happy mid summer there! ( a bit late, hahah)

Whit said...

that is the most unique necklace!! i looove it!! gorgeous!!