Friday, 12 June 2009

Etsy playtime

The last two weeks I have been Etsy obsessed...I think the craze started with Lotuspalace and all her haul posts... (here, she is the queen of hauls, I am just a mere subject). I bought some things that nourish the child in read on.

My bunny is so funny:

I also was so enamorated with the brushroll I bought from Yumeko that I had the huge craving to buy Kawaii Japanese fabrics.

Meet My Melody bunny in its hoodie. I bought four pieces of fabric from seller beautifulwork on Etsy. I have no idea what to make of it, because I am not very handy with sewing machines.

I also bought something linked to Alice in Wonderland. On the bottom you see a piece of it. It is predominantly white, so it would be wonderful if I manage to make a cute item out of it before the party.


I have a huge list of favourites listed at my Etsy account. I started to notice that the shampoo creams of GudoyanaToo were always selling like hotcakes. I read some of the reviews, and they sounded really good.

I bought some Citrus Blast shampoo, which comes like a creamy, pasty concoction. The fun thing, which is actually very helpful with cleansing the hair, is that there is salt in the shampoo. It reminds me like a Tequilla or Margarita sassy and decadent for the Summer spirit.

So far, I am very positive about this shampoo. I have a sensitive scalp, but the salt and fragance does not upset my hair (so far). Moreover, for a SLS-free shampoo there is tons of sudsy lather, which makes me feel so fresh.

I still have to judge if it my hair loves it on the long run. Right now I love the ritual of washing my hair with this margarita-esque concoction.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

I did a search for fairies and fairytale on Etsy and stumbled on pinkytoast's shop.
Her girls are so wonderful: they are both sugary cute as a bit of frightening in a murky, moody way. I love this contradiction and she made some wonderful artworks.

I might seem like a freak, but I loved this picture of a girl sitting on the toilet. I have no idea why, because I have no toilet fetish. I kind of liked of the idea of a taboo topic, the cuteness of the sugary pink colour and the Unicorn of the girl.

I received a free mushroom button...So cute and playful...I love it!

So, that was my bit of Etsy...I hope I haven't enabled you too much...;D


Blair said...

Those fabrics are adorable! And that bunny is My Melody's mum hahaha

Jamilla Camel said...

Bunny Yummy Yummy!!

ning * star said...

it is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Nice new layout! The colors look so fresh :3 And cute Japanese fabrics! I was thinking of getting Japanese fabrics too and use it for a pillow sheets or neck rolls (I loooove neck rolls)! Or maybe a brand new bed sheet. Aah Etsy's killing me xD

Whit said...

love the etsy haulings- etsy can be so addictive haha!