Monday, 8 June 2009

Japanese Mag scans: Spring June 2009

Hey everyone,
First I want to thank the people who left such wonderful and supporting comments in the last post. I received the apology and the issue has been discussed and resolved.

I want to post a couple of scans of my second Japanese magazine: the Spring June 2009 issue. I bought it for this reason:

A very elegant and beautifully decorated Jill Stuart cosmetic bag that came a a GWP! Spring is not available in the Japanese bookshop in the Netherlands, but I ordered it on ebay and it really arrived so quickly. Fab!

The model in the magazine is demonstrating the bag, and you can see how the print corresponds with other Jill Stuart fashion...

I would love to get my hands on the tote she is wearing on the bottom of the page.

So I actually bought it for the GWP, but I really loved the content of the magazine as well. There has been such a couple of amazing beauty-pages included that I really want to share them with you.

The top of the page shows some easy and light application of makeup. The bottom has some prepping/priming tips for base makeup.

I love this page, especially the lipliner instructions on the bottom:

Some of the cartoon-esqe pictures are downright funny and very instructive for absolute dummies like me who do not speak any Japanese: LOL, look at that clown-mouth being shown:

This cartoon obviously shows a girl with desert-dry skin...The solution, according to the magazine, a hydrating sheet...

Eyeshadow and lipgloss tips:

More gorgeous makeup instructions:

These seem like blotting tips, or how to handle oil-shine during the day:

I really enjoyed the fashion part of the magazine as well. Spring seems to target on the twentysomething market who likes to wear Topshop, Forever 21 and H&M. At least, they featured a special page on each of these shops, and some of their fashion. I really like Topshop, I would love H&M if it was not so unoriginal (H&M makes lovely, cheap fashion, but you can find almost everybody in H&M in my country nowadays, so the novelty and originality factor is not so very high when wearing H&M). As for Forever 21, I ordered from them once, and I liked some of the items, but the shipping was ridiculously high...which 'took the cheap out of the deal'.

The magazine also has a feature of 'what is in the bag' of some fashionable girls. I always love peaking into bags of people...he he, to see what their HG items are.

The girl I put a circle around reminded me of Cheryl of Lost in Beauty:

This spread was my absolute favourite. It really has a hippy-esque, relaxed vibe. The setting is so ordinary but the model is really radiant in the car-park.

One last scan, before your computer becomes too slow of uploading all the pictures of my blog ;P

Now I want the Spring July issue as well. Makeupstash blogged about the new GWP, which is my childhood hero Snoopy on a I want.. I want.. I want....


Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the magazine porn! Cute makeup bag!

Jenn said...

Glad you got an apology!

I bought this mag for the same reason-I love this makeup bag. I also caved and got the snoopy tote although it is super tiny-but it worked out as a lunch bag.

jojoba said...

i have lots of mags and i never thoguht of doing scans. perhaps i should. i have a real scanner. lol. just too much work. you are too kind to do that for us all.

fuzkittie said...

Haha the model looks super happy with her GWP! xD What a cute bag. I also love the cartoons in Japanese magazines, haha.

ning * star said...

oh, nice mag scans, thank you. haha, some of the cartoon is funny!

izumi said...

thanks for the scans ;D

yea japanese illustrations are pretty funny xD

Angela said...

Thank you love magazine scans :D. xoxo

Old Cow said...

I avoid Japanese mags these days...because I realised that I am actually paying to be tempted to empty my wallet in search of the pretty things that grace the pages.

I am scared to look!

Amanda's Sunshine said...

Very cute makeup bag.

lilluna5416 said...

I also have this issue for the JS bag!!! i am glad i wasnt the only one.
The whats in my bag section way in the back back back of the magazine was my favorite part. i love to see what women hold in our purses.