Saturday, 2 May 2009

skincare that didn't work for me

I have been buying a hefty dose of skincare the last couple of months. Fact is, my skin was having one of the worst episodes I have seen since...ever. In my attempt to 'save' my face and make it look somewhat normal, I purchased a significant amount of skincare.

I have been mentioning some of those on my blog. I think it would be honest to mention the ones that did not work for me. Mind, I have a oversensitive skin and various problems which makes my judgement to be a bit stricter than the average reviewer on skincare would be. On the other hand, there are lots of people who have issues with sensitivity nowadays, and it is always helpful to see which products are best to be avoided (according to me).

As for now, my skin seems to be recovering a bit (which took at least 5 months!!). It is not normal yet, but I do not experience severe issues anymore, and some days I can even venture outside without makeup, and still look like a human being.

Let's continue to the creams and potions that did not work for me:

1. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrée: I blogged about this in the beginning of November 2008 (here). The fact that I start out to review this cream again, is that I suspect that this particular cream has caused a part of my skin-problems I have beens struggeling with!
That is a harsh claim, and I want to mention that other issues such as credit-crunch-stress, etc etc, could also have something to do with it. However, the bulk of my problems started in November when I abandoned my organic skincare for this product.
I found it a waste to throw this product away, so I started using it on my hands and body a couple of days before: it resulted in light itching feeling and even my boyfriend mentioned that my skin looked worse (I probably even reacted on this product when I applied it on my body).

2. Uriage Bariéderm Creme Isolatée Reparatrice: I bought this product on easypharmacie, a French website with all kinds of drugstore products. It is supposed to layer an isolating barrier on the skin so it can heal under the layer without having to deal with the aggressions from outside (environmental).
It was not a bad product, and smells really neutral. However, it was indeed a bit too isolating for my skin and I did not like the feeling of having a 'film' on my skin. For the rest wasn't it moisturizing either. It was not expensive, only 7.90 euro, so I did not loose to much cash on it.

3. Uriage Toléderm creme Hydra apaisante: The good thing about this product is the neutral scent, the moisturizing properties and the fact that it comes in a hygienic pump flacon. It failed to calm down my skin, unfortunately. I could revisit it when my skin is less sensitive, but it was not the desensitivizing cream it claimed to be.

4. Clarins Huile Santal (Santal Oil for dry skin): it was recommended by a lovely saleswoman (she really was! She knew lots about skin-issues and such) and it worked for a couple of days: diminishing my dry patches and moisturizing my skin. After 7 days I became sensitive for the Santal scent and found that the oil was building up on my skin, therefore my skin became oversensitive again. Clarins is pricy: I think I paid 38 euro for this oil.

5. Emu Oil: I only portrayed one brand of emu-oil on the picture, but I have tried several brands. It does not diminish any dry patches or desensitises my skin. Moreover, I do not like the chicken-fat-like scent of the pure version, and my skin did not like the versions with essential oils. I experienced build up after one use...

6. Lierac Hydra-Chrono Fluid Fraicheur (for normal and combination skin): I had read some awesome reviews on the jar version of this cream, so I wanted it in a hygienic pump version. I loved the gel-like consistency, and it had a wonderful floral scent. Unfortunately, that same lovely floral scent became too much for me during the is one thing to wear a lovely perfume on the pulse-points, but it is another thing to sniff perfume on your upper lip all the time. Further more, I liked the moisturizing properties but I found it lacking in anti-aging properties, and the effect of the cream simply lasted a couple of hours, having to reapply it constantly (and smelling perfume all the time). I do not think this cream has lasting beneficial effects on the skin: it is only a temporalily fix-up.

7. Clarins Baume Jeunesse: A balm of youth, who would not want that? I was really curious for this cream after reading several raves in glossy magazines. The nice saleslady who sold me the Santal Oil completely overwhelmed me with samples, including this cream (she even asked me which samples I wanted to try). The consistency is lovely, but the scent....sorry again, I have a sensitive nose, which reflects in an even more sensitive skin-reaction.

8. Decléor Aromessence Essential Balm: Aww, I received a sample of the Rose d'Orient version and loved it. I only ordered another version, which was not effective at all. I became nauscious by the Ylang Ylang scent and experienced more splotches in the morning. Decléor balms retail between $55 and $67, depending on the place/site you buy them.

9. Steamcream: It looked so cute and I was so eager to try it (here). You guess it: the scent...ha ha. Lavendel was not agreeing with me. The cream itself was a bit too thick and did not penetrate my skin properly, resulting in a unhappy skin.

10. Lush Paradise Regained: I was hoping to regain the epidermal paradise, alas, it resulted in nada. The scent was agreeable (finally), but it felt too thick and it could not calm down my irritated skin.

11. Chanel Rectifiance Intense eye: I do not have to tell you that everything Chanel costs you an arm and a leg. The eye cream was so raved about on makeupalley (before I bought it, it seems that 2 other reviewers consider this cream craptastic as well)....It did not do anything for my eyes and felt heavy and plasticy on my lids...booohooo.

12. Osea Malibu Eyes and Lips: The promise according to Osea:

Rich in Vitamins A, D and E, 100% natural Eyes and Lips utilizes the properties of powerful antioxidants to restore damaged skin while fighting free radicals. DPHP, a vegetable-derived amino acid stimulates the contraction of collagen fibers and strengthens the dermal connective tissue of the skin. Proven to be more than 65% more effective than Vitamin C, DPHP is an ideal ingredient to tone and firm the delicate skin around the eyes - known to show first signs of damage and aging. Osea's patent-pending, unique triple emulsion system supports the skin with an advanced level of hydration.

My opinion: waxy, useless and non-effective (smells neutral and decent, though)
13. Uriage Cicactive Fluide Hydrocolloïde: Another Uriage product that did not work for me. It layers a film on the skin, almost plasticy! It might work as a buffer when you have a open wound, or such, but it did not function as a proper skincare product.
14. Dr Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask: Another product that cannot receive enough rave reviews (here). It caused an itchfest for skin was really irritated, splotchy and unmanageable after using this....As for the scent: a big nay!
15. Banilla The Mineral Suprise Essential Serum: Aww, I wanted to like this serum but it did not do anything for my skin (neither bad nor good). It felt like a primer when I applied it (a silicony feel). Unfortunately, I ordered 2 of these by accident...What to do with it now?
That was a small update of the skincare products I have used in the last couple of months, and did not find to be effective. This is just my two cents and a personal might work perfectly for you. I just wanted to update some opinions about things I bought before, so you can see what I found effective, or not.


Pixie said...

Thank you for all those reviews! I got the steam cream too, and it's too stinky to use on my face. I use it as a hand cream now.

In general I don't have sensitive skin, and I don't tend to break out from skincare either. The only product that has ever broken me out was a LUSH moisturizer.

Have you tried Paula's Choice skincare? My boy friend has very dry and sensitive skin, and he's been super happy with her products. I use some of the ones for oily skin too.

Whit said...

wow girl such a great review!! i feel your struggle, my skin is the WORST it's ever ever been in my entire life and I'm 24!! I don't get it- for me, Cosmedicine products are the only ones that work because it's geared towards sensitive skin. Let me know if you want a few samples, and what your skin type is. My email addy is :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Birkie, I can relate! My skin hates anything with scent and cannot tolerate anything with retinol or vitamin A!

Have you tried Avene? I used it when my skin is really upset, and it works wonders.

Good luck and have a good weekend!

fuzkittie said...

I really wanted to try the Decleor balm!

Anonymous said...

gosh this is such a dense review! i didn't think clarins has good skincare. mostly just gimmicks IMO. and I think Avene works far better than Uriage in many similar products.

great post. and i shall try to do the same but i think i've posted all the not working ones under Lemming-Killer posts. :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Pixie,
I do that as well...using my unloved skincare for hand- or bodycream. I could do that with the Steamcream and carry it around, because the tin is so cute.
Hi Whit,
Thank you for visiting me and the sweet comment. So weird that our skins are acting up right now...I don't get it either. I will look into the Cosmedisine creams :D

Hi Fuz,
The Decleor balm can be good, but beware of which kind of balm you take, because they differ in ingredients...I loved the Rose d'Orient but did not like the Angelica.

Hi Jamilla Camel,
I totally agree with you on the Avene: I enjoy that right now (the creme intoleriane). I have a workeable routine right now, but I wanted to post some things that were absolutely worthless to me.

Hi jojoba,

He he, normally I do very easy and small posts, but I wanted to do a bit more on this post, as I can group the things together that did not work for me...and remind myself NOT to buy so much skincare again ;D. I should make a category 'lemming killers' as well: actually, I could group it under 'craptastic'.

S said...

Wow, that is a LOT of skincare products! Thank you for writing these reviews - it's great to know your thoughts and will probably save many readers some grief! - Sandra

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi S(andra),
Thank you for visiting me and your sweet remarks...I really like to prevent other readers to use products that are not worthy the $$$.