Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Jewellery crush: marquiscamus

I am probably one of the many that have been crushing on beautiful accessories and jewellery lately. I already bought a übergorgeous necklace from the talented glowchaser lately (here). I have, however, a more expensive crush right now.

I found the jewellery site marquiscamus.com, and have been blown away by the whimsical and quirky pieces they have been making. They combine several materials and fabrics in order to make true statement necklaces and other trinklets. Look at this modern piece!

Their prices, alas, are rather impressive as well...ahum. I am thinking about recreating some of the easier pieces from their collection, with my own spin on it. But as for now, I will be looking regularly to the beautiful pieces.

I love the names of the collections as well: they consist of Modern Rebel, Victorian Romance, Victorian Rebel, Red Carpet and Joker.

This chain beneath is of the Victorian Rebel collection. It combines black cloth roses on a chunky black chain, and those little stones at the end are 'Vintage Chandelier crystal' (here, don't look at the price)

A piece from the Modern Rebel collection....Look at the combination of that tie and jewellery: BRILLIANT.

Pretty and princessy: the Victorian Romance collection. This piece has a vintage perfume bottle dangling beneath (here). I wonder if the necklace would be heavy like this.

These earrings could be recreated by a 'amateur' like me....

I love the big bow on this necklace....Also from the Victorian Romance collection.

This is a close up from the same necklace as before.

I like the combination of different chains and even the fabric that they put in this necklace.

Ackkk, I want them all. I need to win a giftcard from this store worth $1000, or such. (btw, I am not affiliated with this store...just a greedy girl wanting it all...LOL)


Glow Chaser said...

Pardon me missus while i roll my tongue back into my gob! FA FA FA FAB!!! I LOVE IT!!

Nice for inspiration too!!


fuzkittie said...

Wow those necklaces are very unique.