Friday, 29 May 2009

crafting hair deco

All of the browshing on Etsy made me hungry for a bit of creativity on my own...I love buying things, and I love creating some of my own thingies. I was so enamorated with the various hairpieces and clips I saw on Etsy, and especially the ones with a Flapper/art deco-esque vibe (eg this and this piece).

So I bought a couple of appliques (sort of sparkly and sequinned forms -flowers, bows, butterflies, etc that you can add on your clothes etc), found a piece of copper beading thread, a needle and a haircomb and started crafting:

These are a couple of the appliques I bought: I bought a golden fan, the flower you saw above, a butterfly, and you can see a tiny part of a coral applique on the bottom of the page...

I sewed the copper thread manually through all of the hairpin holes. I checked the front if the thread was not visible, and VOILLA...a gorgeous hairpiece for a fraction of the normal price.

The thread visible from the sewing...

Here is the piece in my stick-straight hair...I love hairpieces for giving my hair a bit of 'unboringness' (is that a word? it is now...LOL)

(Jamilla Camel, if you read this...yes, I still have quite pale skin...LOL)

Totally credit crunch friendly and very sassy for the summer season of flirting and flaunting ;P


Old Cow said...

flirting and flaunting nekkid in the park?? Sounds like a song!!

I knew you were a crafty lady Birkie....this is wonderful! I really like to colours you chose. MORE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw nice, I love how it dangles down to your ear :) I want to make my own hair pieces too but well, I can't sew for nothing so I won't waste my time and money trying lol Maybe I can express my creativity with nail art or something, hmm. Blogger is an excellent source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Birkin! :)

Yumeko said...

i love this post
this is a great idea