Saturday, 25 April 2009

Kevin Beautymaker and credit-crunch wardrobe haul

Thanks to Jamilla Camel I found out about a British beauty etailer that sells reasonably priced Japanese and Korean cosmetics. After navigating on their, basically Chinese, website I caved and ordered---they had free international shipping when you order over 20 pound, and more importantly.....items of Korean Beauty Guru Kevin (Beautymaker) in stock...

The site is beautyeshop, and it took about 2 weeks for my order to come in. Sometimes British, or Royal mail, is so much slower than mail from the US or Hongkong. On the other hand, shipping from the UK can be fast if the package is tiny, as I ordered some beads for my jewellery/accessory making and they arrived within 3 days.

I ordered a lipstick in a colour which looked good on a small swatch, and it came out to be Rose, which is indeed a sheer rosy colour. Check out the colour yourself from the pictures.

It is not a flat lipstick, as it has tiny golden shimmers inside. They are hardly detectable on the lips, however, they give a really pretty and flattering glowing effect.

A swatch on bare skin: it is a sheer quality and looks delightfully rosy on the lips. I love the texture and it is reminicent of various Japanese lipsticks I have: I have the Kanebo Kate Rouge Extra Lipstick in mind, especially the sheerer version like RS-10. Kate RS-10 is a tad more mauve and more dark, though.

Foundation-wise, I have a very picky skin: it is really sensitive and sometimes overreactive, ánd it is in serious need of some covering up (oh, let's sum it up: discolourings, dry patches, beginning wrinkles, dark name skin is a dermatologists dream, as it is so unperfect). I have tried some Korean/American/Japanese liquid foundation brands, but have not been happy with them. I often resort to mineral makeup from smaller companies for foundation.

When I spotted Kevin Beautymaker Mineral Foundation on beautyeshop for 12 pounds, I thought I took the plunge and ordered it.
It arrived in a really big jar...that jar is HUMONGOUS. I have to make comparing pics later, and swatch pictures as well.

Kevin's signature label:

\So, I do not have any swatches to share yet. The texture of the foundation is really lovely and non irritating, mattifying, yet not flat. The downside is the colour, which looks too orangy. A light layer is not obtrusively orange and looks even very flattering on a slightly tanned skin, but I do not want to apply several layers of this stuff, otherwise I look absolutely tangoed.

Ohhh, I haven't shared with you yet: I have been to Liverpool this week! I ordered a cheapy easyjet ticked some time ago, and last week was my OFFICIAL British shopping day. I prefer shopping in the UK over my country, as the shops have soooo much more interesting goodies.

Sorry for the lack of scenery pictures, but I was absolutely absorbed in shopping...he he. The first shop I raided was the giant Primark. Ok, the stuff is really cheap and it would probably not be adviseable to dress from top to toe in Primark fashion, but nobody over here knows Primark so my new stuff might be mistaken for Pradaaaah (yeh right, teeheee).

Ok, I bought this faux-leather colourexploded snake bag from them...I love the Chanel-esque chain....I do not know when I will actually wear this, but I could not let this quirky number sit in that shop, so it needed a special place in my closet (and hopefully on my shoulder, if I dare)

Another bag from straw. It reminds me of my childhood when I had these little straw bags toting around, filled with dolls and my little ponies...(it was such a steal for 6 pounds)

And I love the leopard lining. I could always use it for storage. It looks like a hat box, don't you think?

The next thing is an Origami skirt, as it has origami folds in the front. I call it my Cheryl Cole-skirt. For the non-British who have never heard of Cheryl Cole, she is Britain's latest Celeb obsession. (pictures here/here). I would not pick such a skirt normally, as I am more of a boho-chic-chick, but I loved to have a clubbing skirt for when I will ever enter a Club again...LOL. It is something out of my box, which makes it interesting for a change (and for the 8 pounds...I just 'jumped' in my basket)

That was my post for today :D. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

8 comments: said...

lovely lippie! The color looks gorgeous. And love your origami skirt!!

Pixie said...

Thank you for that link. It's exciting to click around the site. I'll definitely keep it in mind :)

cavano said...

I just placed an order with them! I hope mine doesn't took too long to ship :p.
Btw I also ordered the Mineral FP, but I thought it is a finishing powder, not foundation? Did you ordered #1?
Oh, and Kevin is a Taiwanese makeup artist not Korean :).

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi cavano,

I ordered the darkest colour, I think it is 3. Oops, sorry for my mistake on Kevin...I will update it in my blog...:)

Jamilla Camel said...

Oooh Birkie! Liverpool! You are right about the shopping´s very good. I can´t see half your pictures, because the hotel internet is scared of any female type pictures and they´ve gone overboard on blocking any possible porn! I will get my corporate access tomorrow and my VPN back so that I can actually see all the pictures on blogger!

Too bad about the foundation...I´m and NC20 and I´m worried that it might not work for me either.


fuzkittie said...

Woot! kevin is great~ Hehehe.

Elvira said...

Oooh. that lipstick is BEAUTIFUL! Nice haul!

cheryl said...

lucky u, looks like u had fun in liverpool :-) great skirt!