Monday, 23 February 2009

YSL 5 Colour Harmony Eyes in #2: Indian Pink

Today is goldies oldies day...not that it is such an old product, but it has been launched last autumn. In cosmetic time that would be at least 3 years...

This was one of the products I did not dare to swatch for a loooong time. I found it to be too pretty and precious. Thanks to blogging about cosmetics, I overcame my fear of actually using my cosmetics, LOL, so I am glad to show you my swatches.

Anyway, since Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner of the Academy Awards, I would love to dedicate my review on a colour selection named Indian Pink. The colours, indeed, have an Indian feel to it. I have never been to India before, but I have seen some Bollywood films and I would say that the purples and pinks would be so like the female heroines that you would see in the films.

actress Rakshita. Source:

Yves Saint Laurent 5 Colour Harmony palette for eyes in 2, Indian Pink, gives a lovely palette of purple and pink colours. I picked the pink version, because I was mesmerized by the purple shades that were in there. I discovered such a unique purple colour that I HAD to buy it. Fortunately, there was a 20% discount on the palette. It was still expensive though, 40 euros.

LOL, the POW thing in the mirror is the reflection of my sweater I was wearing that day.

The colours are a lovely bend of purples and pinks. I am absolutely in love with the left side of the palette. The shimmer of the purples is so unique.

Mmm, I am not too happy about my camera lately. It zooms in on a certain side of the swatches, and leaves the other side slightly blurry. Anyway, You can see how lovely and unique this set of purples and pinks are.

I have found some reviews of the other colours as well: Yummiebites reviews the 04 Lilac Sky; Beauty Anonymous has done a fab review on the 05 Riviera; and Karlasugar swatched them all!
So, this was your quicky review on the YSL 5 Colour Harmony for Eyes in Indian Pink: short but sweet.

I hope you will all have a fabulous week! March is on the way...and I hope sping will show its head around here very soon....I need lovely weather, like now!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i love anything purple and those are right up my alley!

Glow Chaser said...

such nice colours.

I have been to india and it is such a frenzy of bright colours - sublime!!

jojoba said...

this is one of the best YSL 5 colour palettes and i really love the colours put together. beautiful.

fuzkittie said...

VERY pretty, gotta love plums and purples!!

cheryl said...

oh i've seen this palette in store and it looked so good to me too! great find. gosh YSL is always so pricey.

angie519 said...

Haha Pow! =P

The palette is so pretty! Pinks and purples are my favorite shades of e/s!