Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Becca Beach Tint in Raspberry & Shimmer Powder in Princess

Last week was a nice week in internet hauls arriving at my doorstep. One of the hauls I was looking forward to was my Becca (and Harlotte) haul from I was pleasantly suprised when it arrived in beautiful gold packaging, and I was too willing to try my new goodies.
The total of my order is Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder in Princess, Becca Beach tint in Raspberry, the latest tint in their collection, and a Harlotte lipstick. I will stick to Becca today (also, I was not too thrilled about Harlotte).

I will start of with the Shimmer Powder in Princess. It is not that I have a lack of shimmery powders, however, I was so pleasantly surprised after swatching Princess in a store. I absolutely wanted it. I opted for ordering online, as the prices are much cheaper at adorebeauty. Becca is an Australian brand (although funnily, they are made in the UK), so it is cheaper to buy it from Australia.

What I love about the compact case is that it looks very space-UFO like. Flying sources are the best way to give you a unearthy glow, LOL.

I love the mauvy rose shade inside. I have a weakness for mauvy rose shades, as they are lovely on my strange skintone. The colour in the pan looks more like a blush than a highlighting powder, but it is definitely more of a highlighter than a blush.

The next picture is made in natural (cloudy) light. It can be used as a blush for very light skintones (NC/W 15), however, I find this to be more of a glow on my skin.

The next picture, made with flash, shows the glowiness of the powder. I find it weird that my skin looks so much paler with flashlight. Anyway, I adore the glowiness of the powder. It is not glittery, shimmery, garish, full of is a glow and that is what I want....

Overall, I am so happy with my new glowing powder. The texture is excellent and it stays on for hours and hours, even when I have to cycle around in dodgy weather...The glow is still on untill I take it off at the end of the day. (poor boyfriend thinks I am sick in the evening...ehm no...the makeup just comes off).
My next Becca! I was really curious to see what the new colour of the Beach Tint would be like. It had not been listed on the official Becca website at the moment I purchased it on Adorebeauty. Quite funny, actually, shouldn't the official website be the first?
I liked the product quality of the other Beach Tint colours, but I did not like the colours in Watermelon or Peach. I know this product has a big following on makeupalley, but somehow I could not make Watermelon or Peach work for me.
Curiosity was stronger than my strained-out credit card, so I bought this together with the shimmer powder.
If you are interested in the ingredients, be my guest and click on the picture below.

Oil-free, Water-proof and Streak-free....the ideal frolick-in-the-summer product! Australia has lauched this product just in time, as the Aussies are having summer right now (ack, so jealous of anyone who is in nice summer weather).

I love the tube, only I do not like the cheap, plasticy cap.

There is a 'window' to see what the product is like. That is the actual colour.

You see! a pinky rose gel-like colour.

The last picture is a small swatch. Sorry for the wrinkled pulses, I definitely need anti aging products for my whole body. It has been blended out a bit. I could not make more pictures yet to show the accuracy of the colour.

Moreover, I still need to test it on my face to actually see if I like this colour. I do believe it can make a gorgeous lipstain....however, would I use it on my cheeks and look natural as well? I don't know (yet) still needs some more road testing.
I promise you to do a proper review when I have experienced it in the full glory...he he...I should go on a Caribbean vacation for you guys to test this product as it should be: in the sea and sand and sun. Wouldn't that be nice if I would do that?


Anonymous said...

oooo Becca! I have tried many of their products in the past and I would have to say that they are either hits or misses. Their shimmer powders are definitely great, so are their cream blushes but I have never tried their beach tints! Always very curious about those. Their eyeshadows on the other hand aren't that great, but what I absolutely love are the lipglosses! They are some of my favorites. The Princess Shimmer Powder looks very very pretty and glowy :)

Glow Chaser said...

Birkie do you know how crap i am? I see Becca in lots of places here but the PACKAGING doesn't "ooooh" me!

Hey did you get my email on the Banila co seller I found?

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

oooh its becca
i havent bought from them since i left australia!
i am glad to see new things from them

ning * star said...

Becca? I never heard this brand before, but the pinkish gel-like look really interesting.
overall, what do you think about Becca? nice?

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Birkie,

I've used Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Gold when I was an NC30-35. I really like it, but haven't bought anything new from Becca since I faded to an NC25.

You've got me really interested in the Blush...I will go and check them out at my local SpaceNK.

Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I love primcess!!! the pressed version is a lot better than the loose one. but i can't really use beach tint because it's gel. (will show my brown spots... :(

lovely haul!

cheryl said...

i've always been curious about becca because the ingredients are supposed to be skin-friendly, rite?

fuzkittie said...

Becca looks so luxurious and posh!

angie519 said...

Becca looks great! The blush does have a gorgeous glow! I'm going to look into finding that!