Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Nude and sticky: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation lipgloss in 2.

Yesterday I received my JPmon haul, which was filled with nice Japanese goodies. Today I had some good sunny weather so I picked up my camera and went in review mode.

I want to start of with one of the least known items in my cart: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Enamel gloss. Kiss Me is a widely known Japanese Brand. It is especially known for its Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara, a mascara that one several beauty awards and also has a good rating on American Based beautywebsite Makeupalley.

a very minimalistic front of the tube
I haven't seen their Heavy Rotation product line a lot. It seems to be listed on the Kiss Me website, but their lipgloss is not featured, only a couple of mascaras. I don't know it that means if the product is outdated, or the website. At least according to this ebay seller it is supposed to be a new product...but we all know how reliable ebaysellers can be, so I do not take its word for granted.

The tube itself is quite simple. It has a very minimalistic front which shows the product in a transparent tube.

The back has the necessary product details. I cannot read any Japanese, so Kiss Me could state that I could be a total loser, and I would not know....LOL.

Close up: It contains 7 gram of product and I have picked no. 2. It also shows an open/close system. At the next picture, it is closed, so you cannot squeeze any product out.
Tadaaah, the next picture shows how I screwed the tube, and there is a little gap between the tube and the brush head...It is open for glossing up. It has a handy lipbrush which distributes the colour. The brush itself is not very soft, but it works all right. You cannot compare the brush with the wonderful quality of Dior I reviewed earlier.

What comes out is a very sticky, very heavily pigmented gloss in a milky pinkish nude colour. It smells nice, a bit vanilla and fruitish. I like the scent, but am not too fanatic about the sticky factor.

I really want to add a picture of the gloss on my very pigmented lips. You can really see how it cancels out my natural colour and adds real nudeness to my lips, without looking like a lip concealer or normal concealer.

Lots of girls are aiming to create nude lips when pairing up with heavy and smokey eyes, and this would absolutely be the colour to go. It is still a bit pink, so your lips would not look dead or totally cancelled out.
But it is incredibly sticky so if you cannot tolerate a very sticky lipgloss I would suggest skipping this lipgloss.


Glow Chaser said...

Wow this looks good! I dont mind sticky so long as it looks goooood!

Digital Angel said...
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Becky said...

Drool, drool ;) It looks great!!

cheryl said...

hey helen gosh i'm not a big fan of lipglosses but this one has a beautiful colour. clarins is gonna come out with a new lipgloss that is like smashbox's o-gloss in an intuitive formula...

fuzkittie said...

I gotta have this now!

M said...

oh i want ittttt!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i bought this in 01 but ahhh its sticky? maybe i should sell it then hahaha i dont knowwwww