Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Etude Kissade lipstick BR 302/PK002

After a pleasant experience with Etude House's Dear Darling lipstick (post here) I decided to order the Kissade lipstick as well. I was able to find a seller that sold two lipsticks in one auction, which meant that I had to pay for shipping only one time (seller hss06 and item number 152379686).

I ordered one lipstick that was recommended by Kathi from Lotuspalace and one based on the swatch chart that was placed on the auction page. The colours are PK002 and BR 302.

My lipsticks arrived in my last gmarket haul. They were 14,900 won, which is $ 11.88 at the current rate. The BR302 is the lipstick on the left and the PK002 is the one on the right.

The tubes are quite beautiful with their rosy appearance and the little decorations. Very Etude-like.

The next two pictures are close ups of the lipsticks. Both have some small scatterings of golden glimmers, which are quite lovely in my opinion. The pink PK002 is a cool pink verging to lilac. The next photograph is not quite accurate to real life: only the top reflects the real colour. It is really a cool-toned lipstick.

Etude Kissade PK002

The brown colour also looks more rosy in the picture than in real life...sight, darn camera. The dent happened before photographing the fell on the ground.

Etude Kissade BR 302

Anyway, it looks a bit like a muddy brown in real life...It reminds me of the lipstick that was in fashion in the middle of the ninetees. Something that was sported during the early days of Friends.

The texture and pigmentation is quite similar to the Etude House Dear Darling lipstick. It has the same thickness and smoothness. It does not have the lollipop-scent I adore, but a undefined fruity scent...

Unfortunately, I am one of the few persons who is neither cool- or warm-toned: I find lots of lipstick to be non-flattering with my colouring. This is also the case with the two colours I picked: PK002 is too cool for me, and BR 302 too warm for me.

However, I can be inventive...ha ha. I mixed a little bit of both colours together and I actually like the outcome of that. It has become a reddish nude with a hint of golden sparkle...

DA MIX: blend of PK 002 and BR 302

This brings me to another topic: I really want to buy this set: the lipstick remix. It provides tools and steps in order to create your own personal blend of lipstick (or remold your old lipstick).

A blogger named cleodelinda blogged about this over here, and she created some nice shades with this tool. The lipsticks look really proffessional as well.

It sounds really like a me-product: I have several lipsticks that are almost right, if only they were a bit darker/lighter/cooler/warmer/pink/brown/red...

So that might be my next purchase soon...

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