Tuesday, 20 January 2009

cheek-y tools

I have to come clear: I am a huge blush-addict and I enjoy it. I have probably posted the highest percentage of my posts under the label blusher (edit: that would be Korean cosmetics). I simply adore blushes...period.

I already have a various set of tools of which I can caress my babies (the blushes, I mean...LOL, you dirty mind). I am a fan of normal, fanshaped brushes, but I also like my dual fibre brushes/aka skunk brushes for a light application (comparing post over here). The only thing that was lacking in my collection was a merge between a angled brush and a dual fibre brush. I simply thought it did not exist, untill I read a post of Shades of Hue about dual fibre brushes. My attention was drawn to the Aromaleigh Duo Fibre blush brush.

Unfortunately, Aromaleigh has a strict policy of shipping brushes outside the US: they don't ship brushes outside the US. That is perfectly fine with me and I still love Aromaleigh for gorgeously pigmented mineral eyeshadows, but how was I going to score that perfect brush???

After a bit of extensive googling I found a company that had a tapered dual fibre blush brush in their store as well: essentialbeautysupplies.com.

I could not find that many reviews of that store, but I was willing to take the plunge and make a teeny weeny order to see if it would be good (both service-wise as quality wise).

Fortunately, they shipped the brushes quite promply after I ordered, and it arrived in a big box after a week, which I consider quite fast for an order from Overseas...Shipping was $9, which is not extremely cheap nor very expensive.

The order: one dual fibre kabuki ($9.99 on sale) and the tapered dual fibre blush brush ($18.49).

I made another picture with the brushes on a dark background, so you can distinguish the white thin hairs which are characteristics of dual fibre brushes.

And do you know what? I think that this brush is the same as Aromaleighs. Here is the picture from Shadesofhue of the brush which she bought at Aromaleigh:
source: Shadesofhue.blogspot.com

And this is a close up of the handle of my essentialbeautysupply brush: it is EXACTLY the same!

I have been using both the Kabuki and the tapered brush for a couple of days, and washed them both twice. I love the tapered dual fibre brush: it is soft, it picks up a hint of pigment, which is brilliant for my daaark or briiiight blushes, and I do not have to put my arm in a weird angle in order to apply my blush (which I had to do with regular dual fibre brushes).
The kabuki is of a lesser quality. The bristles are harder and I do not think it qualifies as being a dual fibre brush, because the head is just too dense for applying a wash of pigment. It also smells after I wash the brush...
Anyway, I am happy to have found my dual fibre tapered blush brush.


Glow Chaser said...

I need to sort my brushes out - I am a nightmare - I never realised that they could make such a difference to a products application?


Have you tried any Shu Uemura ones? I am curious about them - are they really worth that much?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Glow, I have one Shu brush, an eyeliner one. I think they are good, but I would not spend that much on a couple of brushes. Especially when there are similar ones for lower prices.

Anonymous said...

love this post! i just got another skunk brush to try after MAC 188 failed me. I bought Etude's version based on the rave by Kathy (Lotus Palsce). And it works! :)

I should do a review on blush brushes soon too. :P

S said...
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S said...

Thanks so much for the rec! I like my current duo-fibre brushes, but the big one is a bit too big and the little one (from Silk Naturals) is a bit too small... this brush looks like it will be perfect. I've already ordered one from Aromaleigh (via a shipping service, since I'm not in the USA, either). - Sandra (Spoonful of shimmer)