Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Lost in goodies: swap with Cheryl ♥

When the very lovely Cheryl from Lost with Beauty posted a listing of swap items, I was very intrigued by the Italian limited edition version of Aqua di Parma body cream. I am a great fan of Aqua di Parma scents and I almost agree with every scent they launched.

Sweet Sweeeeeet Cheryl! She did not only mailed me the incredibly large box (with such high shipping costs) of the Aqua di Gio Mirto di Paranea regenerating body cream, but she included some high end samples which I am dying to try out: La Prairie foundation, Guam day cream, Annemarie Börlind luxury skincare and a gorgeous perfume....mmmm.

THANK YOU, CHERYL! It is so gorgeous!!! I hope my parcel arrives really soon and I hope you will enjoy it!


Glow Chaser said...

YOU!!!! IT WAS YOU!!!!

I WANTED THIS!!! Argh - it had to be you birkie!!


cheryl said...

hahaha, look how mad glow chaser was, hahaha. i'm so glad u like the package helen. i'm still waiting for yours, but since your last package got here within 2 weeks, i bet this one will arrive next week.