Friday, 7 November 2008

Etude House dual Fibre blush brush

In my last gmarket haul I received a dual fibre brush from the Korean Brand Etude House.

I already have a fair share of dual fibre brushes/skunk brushes.

However, a good brush can stay with you for a lifetime (which sometimes cannot be said for some men). Also, I like to alternate brushes so I can regularly wash and clean them...Brushes should be washed at least once a week, because these babies touch your face a couple of times a week, and you would not want to 'contaminate' your skin with germs from a couple of days before...

So I ordered the Etude House brush to join with the rest of the family of dual fibre brushes.

1st from left: Alima brush #23 Kitten Brush, 2nd Etude House dual fibre, 3rd Fiber Optic Blush Brush, 4th Mac travel size dual fibre/ 187 SE.

I also have a dual fibre brush, which is really good and a, which is not so good. I do not have the infamous Mac 187 (regular), as I found the price too steep, and brushes as Alima and Lumiere to be just as good, if not better.

So, I was a bit spoiled with dual fibre brushes when I received the Etude House one.

First impression: At first touch, I found it a bit stiff and not so soft as my Lumiere and Alima Kitten brushes. So, the first thing I did was to wash the brush....Uhoh, I had a bit of shedding....

Boohoo, it was not love at first sight.

But wait, I let the brush dry and it came out a bit better...a bit softer, but still dense enough to transfer pigment to the face (cheeks).

Another huge plus is the size! It is not as big as Lumiere, the Mac travel or Alima. It is bigger than the tiny Silknaturals brush. It is perfect for sculpting cheeks!

The bigger brushes are not handy enough for precision, the smallest one takes too much time in order to apply blush. Etude's one is perfect...

The second time I washed my brush: no shedding!!!!

The brush could have been perfect if it had the structure of Alima's brush...But I will not complain because it is still soft enough for my skin, and does a wonderful job in applying blush in a natural way.

They are available for 8,000 Won, or $ 6.25 (current exchange rate) on gmarket over here and here. That is without shipping, which can double the price or even more).

Happy blushing!!!!


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