Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tough cookie: Dutch Limited Edition @ Lush

The holiday season is about to start very soon. That means a lot of shopping for your family and friends, stressing out about the perfect gift, and....delicious candy and cookies.

In the Netherlands we have a kind of pre-Christmas event that takes place on 5 December: Sinterklaas. The run-down to that date is paired with The Saint and his white horse visiting malls and other places, handing out candy a children. Small childern place their shoe in front of the fireplace (or central heating) at night, in order to find a small gift inside their shoe in the morning.

Chocolate letters, small cookies and sweet candy that comes together with Sinterklaas

One of the most common cookies that is served around this period are the 'taai taai's, which means something like 'Tough Tough'. The cookie is quite leathery and you really have to bite hard to get a bite. When you do, you will taste a combination of honey, anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and other warming spices....mmmm...
Their shapes resemble the Christmas cookies that are made in the US (UK as well?). But they are more resilient to teeth (LOL) and have a different blend of spices.

The fun thing is, that Lush has jumped to the occasion to make a limited edition of a shower gel that is specifically targetted to the Dutch and Belgium market

The scent is really lovely: not exactly like the Taai Taai cookie, but still a warm and conforting scent for the winter season. It contains orange oil, cinnamon and smells like gingercookies...yumm...

I love Lush shower gels. The only downsite is, even though they claim to be such a natural store, they still contain Sodium Laureth Sulfates. Anyhow, as long as I do not use it on my scalp (my scalp doesn't like the SLS's) I will be fine....

(available at lush.nl - the site is in Dutch, but they do ship internationally)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for linking me :)

Mineral Maven said...

hmm... yummy :) I remember living in Belgium and being so jealous that all my dutch friends got to celebrate this lil holiday joy so early.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Jane Doe, you're welcome ;D

Mineral Maven, yes...we have double the fun, because most families celebrate Christmas as well.
(which means lots of extra holiday pounds to loose in January...boohoo)